April 11th – Ecclesiastes 1:9

Ecclesiastes 1:9

Solomon was the greatest and richest king of all time. He had the world at his feet. Yet he still grew bored with the humdrum of life. He found nothing new to see, to do, or worthwhile at all. But Solomon’s lack of luster for life came as a result of his lack of luster for God. Because Instead of turning to the Lord to heal the emptiness in his heart, he tried to fill it with the trappings of the world. But far from making him happy Solomon found the more of the world he had, the emptier he felt. We were created for fellowship with the Lord. And nothing this world offers can ever can fill the place reserved for God alone. So if we aren’t walking with Him, life can become a boring cycle of wash, rinse, and repeat. Like Solomon we’ll find ourselves in the doldrums; stagnant and depressed, just going through the motions. But God never intends our life with Him to be a dull one. And if we let Him, God will do wonderful, exciting, and meaningful things through us and for us.