April 12th – Psalm 61:4

Psalm 61:4

It’s easy to fall into a state of worry and fear. Because it’s natural to want to feel safe and protected; to worry for our safety and the safety of our loved ones. But fear is a weapon of the enemy. Satan fills our mind with “what if” scenarios that all result in defeat. But as Christians we have the power to overcome fear. We can claim the promises of God who says that those who trust in Him and not the world, can live in peace and joy. And when we shelter under the wings of the Lord, not even the strongest storm can rattle our calm. The world is rapidly becoming more dangerous by the day.  And although we have no control over what happens around us, we can control how we react. We can either cower and hide, living a life of worry and fear, or we can trust in God who promises to be a, “tower of strength against the enemy.” (Ps. 61:3)