April 13th – Numbers 23:19

Numbers 23:19

We’ve all heard it said that people will let you down, but God never will. We are fallen beings living in a fallen world. That means at some point in our lives, we will be hurt, betrayed, and disappointed by other people. And we too will do our share of hurting others. But in good times and bad, joy and sorrow, we can turn to God. Because our Lord will always be there to perfectly love and comfort us. Unlike our sinful humanity which lies, and changes its mind, God is faithful and reliable. Never will He hurt or betray us. The words He speaks are always honest and true. And when the Lord makes a promise, He will always act on and fulfill it. Even when we face times of doubt and uncertainty, God remains true. And when others walk away from us, He remains steadfast in His love. Unlike humans who are fickle and unreliable, we can forever trust in God’s goodness and character.