April 16th – Nehemiah 6:11

Nehemiah 6:11

Relationships take work. Whether it’s our relationship with God or others, they need a foundation of trust, honesty, love, and repentance to stand strong. Satan is in the business of tearing down, not building up. And he loves nothing more than to form cracks in those foundations through harsh words, misunderstandings, and unforgiving spirits. So when we flee from our problems instead of dealing with them head on, it opens the door for the Enemy to do his worst. When Nehemiah was facing an assignation threat, his friends advised him to hide out in the temple. But he wasn’t about to run away. Because Nehemiah understood that as believers, instead of sinning against God by fleeing, we should always face every problem head on. Standing firm in the faith that the Lord will uphold the righteous. And believing He will give us the power to confront each one in courage and wisdom.