April 18th – Acts 2:1-2

Acts 2:1-2

In the current climate, there is more than enough hate to go around. And it’s easy to get caught up in the anger and turmoil of the day. But as the church, as Jesus’ representatives on earth, shouldn’t we strive to do better? To be better? Shouldn’t we want to get back to the same rejoicing, generosity, togetherness, and worship demonstrated by the early church? Shouldn’t we have hearts which share God’s will to be beacons of light in a dark world? If that is indeed our will, the Holy Spirit is the way. For the more we walk in His power, the more the fruit of the Spirit becomes evident in our lives. So let’s get back to being the church the Lord established on that glorious Day of Pentecost. May each of us, out of love and joy, let the fruit of the Spirit flow abundantly through us to others. And may the Lord’s church be so powerful a witness that Jesus can add to the number daily, “those who were being saved.”