April 23rd – Ephesians 1:4

Ephesians 1:4

Women are constantly bombarded with the ridiculous and unattainable expectations of the world. Through television, movies, and social media, daily we are told that our worth is dependent upon our looks, talents, and how many followers and likes we can get. So when our own lives seem to fall short in comparison, no wonder we find ourselves depressed and envious. But today’s society is a fickle bunch whose tastes and ideals are constantly changing. And the truth is that no one can obtain the false perfection that it eagerly worships. That’s why we need to quit looking for our worth through the superficial eyes of the world. Because true self worth comes from not from a worldly identity, but rather a godly one. We are daughters of the most high God. And there is no Hollywood trophy, social media following, nor worldly accolade that could compare with the value of knowing one day we will spend eternity dwelling and reigning with the Lord.