April 23rd – 2 Timothy 1:9

2 Timothy 1:9

Whenever I would hear people talk about how they found God’s purpose for their lives, I felt jealous. I didn’t understand why God made their paths straight and clear while mine was crooked and murky. Did they have some special phone line to Heaven that I didn’t? Why were they part of the “it” crowd while I remained on the outside looking in? I was so caught up in finding out what God had planned for me, that I forgot what His calling is truly about. It isn’t what I can do for God, but rather what God can do both for me and through me for others. God has personally set each of us apart to have a close personal relationship with Himself. And He desires hearts that earnestly seek His will above all else. Those who joyfully spend time daily with Him and in His Word, and are open to being used by Him. Answering God’s call means submitting every area of our lives to the Lord and being obedient to the direction of His Spirit’s leading. Knowing that there is no greater calling than bringing  glory to His name!