April 25th – Psalm 146:1

Psalm 146:1

Many are the reasons to give God the glory. Creator and Ruler of all things, He champions the weak, fathers the orphans, heals the afflicted, and blesses all who put their hope in Him. Everyday there are reasons to give thanks to the Lord. And God covets the praise of His people. But not for His benefit. For ours. Because I know for me, no matter how low I feel or bad the circumstance, nothing soothes my soul like giving glory to God. It brings peace to my troubled mind. Joy to my hurting heart. And brings me close to my Abba, Father, who welcomes me with open arms of love. Most of all praising the Lord humbles me. For it reminds me of how much I fail God daily and still somehow, He wants me anyway. How could such an amazing and unmerited love not make my heart burst with songs of worship and thanksgiving!