May 2nd – Isaiah 40:31

Isaiah 40:31

I love this quote by Emily Dickinson. “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words. And never stops at all.” Do you ever get frustrated when you hope for best, but don’t see your resolutions come to fruition? If so, you’re not alone. When it comes to making changes, for those who go it on their own, the outcome is almost always certain failure. Because no matter how good are our intentions, the human spirit is weak, and change is hard. But when we team up with God, and walk in His strength, the impossible becomes possible. And the unattainable, attainable. For not only does the Lord promise victory, but through Him, we will reach the finish line renewed, refreshed, and soaring like an eagle! That’s why when we put our trust and hope in God, we will never be disappointed. Because He will sustain, encourage, and give victory every time to those who call on Him as Lord!