May 4th – Job 42:10

Job 42:10

The phrase, don’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t just apply to people, but also situations. When Job’s friends saw his misfortune they were sure he deserved it. They assumed, incorrectly, that Job was suffering because he had sinned against God. How many times as Christians do we do the same? How many times have we thought that those struggling must have done something to deserve it? But the truth is there many be a variety of reasons for someone’s troubles. And it isn’t our job to judge. But rather to encourage, help, and love them through the storm. To remind them of God’s great love, goodness and mercy. And that success and growth are not always immediate. We work in God’s timing. Which mean we may encounter setbacks and obstacles along the way. But if we remain steadfast and persevere through these challenges, like He did with Job, God will bless us mightily, repaying us twice what we lost.