May 5th – Philippians 3:13

Philippians 3:13

We can be our own worst enemies. Always replaying past mistakes in our head, never forgiving ourselves, and feeling too worthless for God. No wonder many believers seem to get stuck in the mud. Always spinning their wheels and unable to move forward. But Jesus made it clear that having a relationship with Him involves growth, change, and action. And the action needed is letting go of our past mistakes and instead focusing on our future. The glorious future planned for us as followers of Christ. We all sin daily, and need God’s forgiveness. And He’ll give it freely and generously when we come to Him in true repentance and sorrow. More than that when we confess, God promises to wipe our slates clean. He’ll remember our sins no more and remove them as far as the east us from the west. (1 John 1:9) So if God can forget our past, who are to remember? All we need to do is learn from our mistakes, and move forward with renewed focus and determination.