May 6th – Isaiah 43:19

Isaiah 43:19

I love the quote by Joyce Meyer which says, “I may not be where I want to be, but thank God I’m not where I used to be.” Everyone has a past. One containing some mistakes and a regret or two. But God doesn’t keep score. For when He looks at us, He sees us through the righteousness of Jesus. And the righteousness of Jesus washes away the sins of the past. It declares us innocent and beloved by God. And because He loves us, the Lord refuses to leave us as He found us. The minute we receive Jesus as our Savior, God sends the Holy Spirit to indwell us. Immediately He gets to work doing something new and unexpected, bringing about a transformation in the lives of each believer. And the more we surrender to His awesome love, the more God is committed to continually work in our lives. The Lord wants us trust Him enough to throw away the old and let Him bring out the new. To receive His blessing of change and transformation. And to lead us on a new and exciting journey of faith!