May 10th – Psalm 40:3

Psalm 40:3

When we’re hurting we don’t want to wait for relief. We want God to act now! But trusting in His perfect plan for our lives means surrendering to God’s own way and own time. So if we’re in a season of waiting, it isn’t because God enjoys seeing us suffer. Instead He uses that time to deepen our faith, dependence, and trust in His unfailing love, goodness, and grace. And as we see Him at work in our lives, our relationship with the Lord deepens. We get a new understanding of who God is. And a new thankfulness for all He does. A heart transformation begins, and God puts a new song in our mouth. A song filled with a fresh way of thinking about and experiencing God’s presence in our lives. Our Father knows the wonderful things He has in store for us. And so He says, “Be patient My child. I hear your cries. Trust in Me. And I will give you a joyous new song of praise to sing!”