May 11th – Ezekiel 11:19

Ezekiel 11:19

I used to be confused by Ezekiel 11:19. I mean I understood why God would remove our hearts of stone. But why would He replace them with hearts of flesh? After all, isn’t the flesh the very thing we fight against? Then I learned that when God speaks of a heart of flesh, He’s referring to a heart that is soft and receptive to His will. One that is eager and willing to obey and follow the Lord. And a heart that loves others with a true, Christlike love. That’s the heart I want. Which is why everyday, I pray for a heart transplant. For God to remove my wicked heart of stone, and replace it with the heart of Jesus. To make me a new creation in Christ, and to give me the power to live a life that glorifies Him. Why? Because I once read that our human hearts were created to mirror the heart of our Creator. And since the attributes of God’s heart include love, mercy, compassion, and justice, those are the attributes I want!