May 12th – Isaiah 65:17

Isaiah 65:17

When my Grandma was diagnosed with dementia, it was painful to watch as she tried to hold on to precious memories. Memories can be both a blessing and a curse. Some fill our hearts with joy while others bring tears to our eyes. One day God promises to create a new heaven and a new earth. And in this new reality, the painful experiences and memories of the past will no longer have any power over us. The memories that we cherish will still remain. But all things, including memories, that brought us pain and suffering will be no more. Instead we will dwell with the Lord forever in an eternity filled with joy, peace, and harmony. And our old way of thinking and behaving will be left behind. Because of His great love and mercy, God offers us a clean slate and a fresh start. One where past mistakes and wrongdoings can be forgotten and forgiven, allowing for a new future. A future that is free from the pains and sorrows of the past and filled with the blessings of His grace and love.