May 15th – Revelation21:5

Revelation 21:5

Some Christians shy away from the book of Revelation. They find the vivid imagery and symbolic language confusing, fictional, or too violent. But make no mistake. God calls us to read and take to heart the words the book contains. (Rev. 1:3) Because the Lord Himself promises that every one is trustworthy and true. And far from just containing doom and gloom, Revelation reveals the wonderful plans of God. Plans to renew and restore all of creation. To transform the world to its original perfection, including us. For in our new God given glorified bodies, we will dwell on the new earth in the new city of Jerusalem. One day soon the Lord will return. God’s promises will be fulfilled. Death and evil will be conquered forever. And as followers of Jesus, we get the great honor of ruling and reigning by His side forever as part of God’s perfect new creation.