May 17th – Ezekiel 36:8

Ezekiel 36:8

The land of Israel was nothing more than a malaria filled swampland. It suffered years of destruction and desolation. Yet God promised to bring His people back home. And in 1900, He did just that. Now today there are over 5 million, and growing, Jews living in their homeland. A homeland that is longer uninhabitable. Instead, God has made it beautiful and bountiful again. Once more a land of milk and honey, God kept His promise to His people. Because God keep His promises to all of His people, including us. So when He pledges a great transformation in our lives when we receive Jesus as our Savior, He means it! Once we too were as desolate as Israel. Full of dead bones and withered branches that produced no fruit. But just like He did with the promised land, God will do for us. No matter how useless, barren, or broken we feel, if we let Him, the Lord can and will turn us into lush, bountiful, abundant fruit trees who produce a surplus of good fruit for His kingdom.