May 19th – Hebrews 4:16

Hebrews 4:16

When it comes to prayer, God isn’t looking for mealymouthed, wish washy, timid followers. He’s looking for strong, bold, prayer warriors. Those who know that because we are loved and accepted by God, we can come before Him anytime, anywhere, asking for anything, without fear or hesitation. But boldly coming before the Lord requires confidence, honesty, surrender, and persistence. Confidence means having unshakable faith and trust in God’s character and promises. Honesty means bringing our true selves before Him, without pretense or hiding. Surrender means knowing the Lord always knows best, seeking His guidance and direction above our own. And persistence means not giving up or being discouraged when we don’t see immediate answers or solutions. Being bold before God isn’t about being disrespectful or demanding. But reverence and humility, combined with confidence and trust in God’s goodness and faithfulness. And an invitation to approach Him with freedom, faith, and love.