May 20th – 1 John 2:17

1 John 2:17

When we put our hope and faith into worldly things, we’ll end up disappointed every time. Because the desires and pursuits of the world are fleeting. Material possessions, earthly achievements, and worldly pleasures will eventually fade away. That’s why the only One who is worthy of our hope and faith is God. He will never forsake, abandon, nor disappoint us. His love, truth, and promises are forever. And when we seek His will above all else, we can have confidence in the hope of eternal life. The riches we want, the only ones that matter, are the ones we store up in heaven. And I can’t imagine anything of greater value than spending eternity by the side of the Lord. So John encourages us to focus on the goal of seeking God and His will rather than being consumed by worldly pursuits. The choices we make and the actions we take based on God’s will have eternal consequences. That’s why we need to prioritize the pursuit of God’s kingdom and righteousness above all else.