May 28th – Romans 8:31

Romans 8:31

How many times as kids when we got into a scuffle did we hear, “Oh yeah? You and what army?” I imagine that’s what the Philistines thought when a young David challenged the mighty Goliath. But what they failed to realize is that God was all the army David needed. And He’s all the protection we need as well. Because for those who love Him, God gives the backing and favor of the ultimate power in the universe. One absolutely no one nor nothing can stand against. So no matter the challenges, adversaries, or obstacles we may face in life, we can have confidence in God’s ability to help us overcome them. For with God as our ally, we can have assurance of ultimate victory. Now that doesn’t mean we’ll never face difficulties or opposition, but rather that nothing can ultimately triumph over God’s purposes and plans for our lives.