May 31st – Luke 23:21

Luke 23:21

Have you ever been disappointed by Jesus? You’re probably saying to yourself right now, “What!?  Of course not!” But if we’re being honest, wouldn’t the answer be yes? Because the truth is, Jesus doesn’t always meet our expectations. He doesn’t promise a life free from suffering, nor to give us what we want. But what He does promise is to be our shelter in the worst of storms, and to provide for our every need. How do you handle the disappointments life throws your way? Do you trust in Jesus, His infinite wisdom, and His love for you? Or like the crowds in Jerusalem do you reject Him, turning away in bitterness and anger? Philippians 4:19 reminds us, “My God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Jesus Christ.” As followers of Jesus, we can have confidence that God knows best. And He knows what we need, when we need it. So trust in Him and His great love for you. And when you look back on life’s disappointments, don’t be surprised to find that they are in fact blessings that ended up being far greater than you could have ever expected!