September 9th – Isaiah 64:8

Isaiah 64:8

Yet Lord, You are our Father; we are the clay, and You are our potter; we all are the work of Your hands.”

I love watching an artist work with clay. As the wheel spins, their hands masterfully turn a lump of minerals into a beautiful piece of art. Such as it is with us. Before God’s transformative touch, we were mere lumps of clay, shapeless and purposeless. Yet in His unmerited love and grace, He masterfully molds us. Meticulously, God works to shape our lives into works of grace and beauty. When we embrace our faith and surrender to His divine plan, we become new creations in Christ. And just as a skilled potter molds and shapes clay into a vessel of purpose and beauty, our Creator lovingly shapes us into vessels of His grace and righteousness. Through the redeeming power of Christ’s sacrifice, we are reborn. Our old selves are renewed, and we emerge as new creations. Ones bearing His holy image, destined to fulfill His divine purpose in our lives. It’s in this transformation that we find our true identity, our purpose, and a life overflowing with the abundant blessings of God’s grace.