September 20th – Psalm 104:31

Psalm 104:31

May the glory of the Lord endure forever; may the Lord rejoice in His works”

I love to cook. From the selecting of the recipe to the finished product, each step along the way brings joy to my heart. And I’m always filled with a sense of pride when a dish brings praise from family and friends. God is the great Creator. And David sings praises to Him, His greatness, and His control of and power over all He has created. Our work here on earth is meant to fulfill God’s creative intent. To bring each person into relationship with other people, with God, and to glorify Him. Out of His great love, God uses His power to provide for all of our needs. But it’s our job to use what He gives us to build further. All of God’s creatures look to Him for food, and while He responds by opening His hand to supply it, we still have to work hard to process and use God’s good gifts. He gives us the plants, but it’s up to us to gather and use the plants. God has done his work perfectly.  By His grace He has placed us in this beautiful world which He created.  If we work humbly in the strength He supplies, our work of cultivating the earth will be perfected.