Month: October 2023

October 31st – Isaiah 48:17

Isaiah 48:17

In the large woods behind my house are many small paths to follow. Only one leads to an open field. The rest lead deeper into the thickest, darkest part of the woods. And if you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself lost, in unfamiliar territory, and unsure of where to go. In life there are many paths we can follow. Only one leads to eternal life. The others lead to death and destruction. When we choose to follow God, He will guide us with abundant wisdom and lead us along the best path. All we need do is keep firmly footed on God’s course by seeking a deeper connection with Him. This happens through prayer, meditation, and the study of scripture. That way we can become more attuned to His guidance and cultivate a heart and ears open to His voice. God’s abundant knowledge and grace are always available to us, providing direction and insight. We can trust in His guidance, knowing that His abundance of wisdom is there to illuminate our path and help us make choices that align with His divine plan.

October 30th – John 7:38

John 7:38

All smaller bodies of water eventually run into a larger body of water. And along the way they provide life giving hydration to nourish the land. We are like streams that flow from God’s river, receiving His boundless love, wisdom, and blessings. We too can hydrate the land by flooding it with the life giving message of the gospel. And by sharing the abundant grace we receive from God. Our actions, kindness, and love are like the currents that carry God’s goodness to others. Watering the hearts and souls of those in need. By being conduits of God’s love, we not only receive His blessings but also perpetuate His abundant flow of grace in the world. Creating a cycle of spiritual nourishment and growth for all who encounter our streams of kindness. By striving to be vessels of His grace, generously sharing all we’ve received, we both enrich our own soul and bring blessings to the world. And in doing so, we find that our lives are filled with purpose and an ever-renewing sense of God’s abundant presence.

October 29th- Malachi 3:10

Malachi 3:10

Normally it’s not the wisest idea to put God to the test. But when it comes to His generosity, He encourages us to do just that. To give back to Him our very best and see if He doesn’t open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings. So many blessings, God says there will be no room left to receive them. The lesson here is twofold. First, it emphasizes God’s limitless abundance and willingness to bless His faithful followers. Second, it underscores the importance of trust and obedience in our relationship with the Lord. By giving back a portion of our resources in faith, we acknowledge God’s abundant provision. And we learn that our acts of obedience can unlock His overflowing blessings in our lives. It teaches us the connection between trust, generosity, and the boundless abundance of God’s grace. So give and give some more. Give generously to God and others. Create a ripple effect of kindness and abundance. Sow seeds of love and goodness, and get ready to reap a harvest of God’s blessings.

October 28th – Psalm 11:1

Psalm 11:1

Relationships take work. Whether it’s our relationship with God or others, they need a foundation of trust, honesty, love, and repentance to stand strong. Satan is in the business of tearing down, not building up. And he loves nothing more than to form cracks in those foundations through harsh words, misunderstandings, and unforgiving spirits. So when we flee from our problems instead of dealing with them head on, it opens the door for the Enemy to do his worst. When Nehemiah was facing an assignation threat, his friends advised him to hide out in the temple. But he replied, “Should a man like me flee?” (Neh. 6:11) David and Nehemiah both understood that as believers, instead of sinning against God by running away, we should always face every problem head on. Standing firm in the faith that the Lord abundantly upholds the righteous. And believing He will give us the power to confront each difficult time and person with courage and wisdom.

October 27th – Exodus 34:6

Exodus 34:6

Solomon was a wise man. And in Proverbs 14:29 he says, “Whoever is patient has great understanding, but one who is quick-tempered displays folly.” Boy does that ring true. Patience is a virtue I struggle with daily. And inevitably impatience leads to anger, followed by jumping to conclusions, ending with regret. That’s why I’m so very thankful God’s mercy extends far beyond my shortcomings. In spite of myself, His grace flows endlessly. When I am faithless, His love and faithfulness never waver. Because God’s abundant goodness is not limited by our limitations. It’s an ever continuing supply of hope and assurance. A reminder of His unfailing presence in our lives. And an invitation to embrace the richness of His blessings with gratitude and humility. The world is filled so much anger and division. Jesus warned that in the last days people would become lovers of themselves and money. They’ll be braggers, arrogant, and abusive. (2 Tim. 3:2) May it not be with God’s people. May we abound in love.

October 26th – Luke 6:45

Luke 6:45

We have an old apple tree on our property. Upon first glance it looks healthy and strong. But the true test lies in the fruit it bears. And that fruit is sparse, rotten, and hangs from almost barren branches. That’s because looks are deceiving. And a tree that looks good and strong on the outside, might be rotten and dead on the inside. So it is in life. A person may project a positive image, but the true quality of their character is revealed by their actions and the fruit of their deeds. When our hearts are filled with grace, love, and mercy, we naturally produce an abundance of good fruit in our lives. On the other hand, when our hearts are filled with negativity and selfishness, our actions and words will mirror that. That’s why we should always strive to cultivate an abundance of Christlike love within us. Because such a love will manifest as blessings, kindness, and positivity in our relationships and in the world around us. And we’ll produce an overflowing abundance of good fruit all for the glory of God!

October 25th – John 1:16

John 1:16

We all sin against God daily. And not just once, but multiple times each day. Some sins we are fully aware of, some we commit without knowing. Thankfully, for those who have received Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we have access to an endless, overflowing source of God’s unmerited favor and love. Through Christ’s death and Resurrection, we are now reconciled back to our Father. That means no matter how many times we screw up, how many times we need forgiveness, when we come before Him with a truly repentant heart God is faithful. Faithful to not only to forgive but forget our transgressions. Never again to remember them nor hold them against us. (Ps. 103:12) For His love, mercy, and goodness are boundless. And His grace is continually poured over us. Always available to help us overcome challenges and give us strength in our weaknesses. Allowing us to live with confidence, gratitude, and an unwavering trust in His abundant love and blessings.

October 24th – Proverbs 3:10

Proverbs 3:10

God loves to bless us abundantly. And He does so with the intention that we in turn, will use what He gives to help others. For just as He told Abram, we are blessed to be a blessing. (Gen. 12:1-3) That’s why it’s important to have a heart that embraces stewardship and generosity. Being mindful to use God’s blessings not only for our own needs, but also for the greater good. As Christians we no longer live under the law but under grace. That means we are no longer legally required to tithe. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. Because everything we have is from God and belongs to Him. And out of gratitude for all He is, does, and blesses us with, we should eagerly want to give back to Him. Whether it’s money, time, service, or prayer, we all have something to give. Something we can use to be instruments of God and bless another. We can’t out-give God. And He promises that the more we use our blessings to help others, the greater our blessings will be! So give and give so more. And watch the blessings flow!

October 23rd – Psalm 65:11

Psalm 65:11

I love country living. Each morning I follow a familiar dirt path on my daily walk. One filled with the beauty of the trees and speckled with wildlife. And everywhere I look, I see the beautiful handiwork of God. It’s my time to talk with my Father, give thanks for His creation, and be humbled by His blessings. My heart overflows when I think about His provision, goodness, and the abundance of grace, and mercy He never withholds. God crowns the year with His goodness, and His paths drip with abundance. How can I not have an attitude of gratitude for the bountiful blessings I receive from my Creator? How can I not trust in His guidance and continue to walk in His ways? For He promises to never leave nor forsake me. He uses all things for my good. And the richness of His His love, flows continually into my life. Most wonderful of all He doesn’t do this because of me, but in spite of me. So forever, I will follow His path which will always be marked by an overflowing multitude of His goodness.


October 22nd – Psalm 37:11

Psalm 37:11

The biblical definition of meekness is often described as strength under control. Not to be confused with weakness, being meek involves humility and a gentle attitude. It is a character trait characterized by self-control, patience, and a willingness to submit to God’s will. Meek individuals are often seen as teachable, adaptable, and willing to endure hardships without seeking revenge or retaliation. It’s a quality of love, kindness, and a lack of arrogance. And for for those who live a life of meekness, they’ll receive an abundance of blessings. First we will inherit the earth, a promise that speaks to the ultimate fulfillment of God’s plan. And on that earth we will live in peace, justice, and harmony. Through faith and meekness, we can partake in God’s abundant promises. And will experience a world where abundance is not just material wealth but a flourishing of the soul, marked by tranquility, righteousness, and a deep sense of contentment.