November 8th – Psalm34:17-18

Psalm 34:17-18

God wants us to come to Him with everything both good and bad. But sometimes the pain is so overwhelming, we can’t put it into words. And when it comes to crying out for help, the best we can manage is a deep groan. Yet often, these groans are some of our most powerful prayers. Because they come from the heart. And are raw expressions of our deep anguish, and struggles. They communicate the depths of our soul to God, who understands our unspoken cries. His nearness to the broken-hearted is a source of peace and strength, offering a life line of endurance when we need it most. It reminds us that in our vulnerability and pain, we are not alone. His love and compassion envelop us, providing a sanctuary for our wounded souls. Even in the darkest of times, God remains a constant and unwavering source of comfort and healing, ready to mend the broken pieces of our hearts. And instilling us with unwavering hope, as we are confident the Lord will deliver us from our troubles.