November 10th – Romans 8:18

Romans 8:18

Jesus warned that while on this earth, His followers would experience rocky times. (2 Tim. 3:12) And there’s not a single one of us who hasn’t been touched by suffering or faced trials. But the apostle Paul also tells us that nothing, absolutely nothing we go through on earth can compare to what awaits us in heaven. The glorious treasures we will receive, including spending eternity with the Lord, encourages to endure the trials of today with the hope of a glorious tomorrow. And that hope becomes the fuel sustaining our endurance. For it reminds us that our current struggles are only a chapter in the larger story of redemption. Yet while it hurts to go through the storms of life, they are only temporary. God is in complete control, guiding and loving us along the way. And He promises that the trial will last only as long as He allows. In the meantime we will continue loving, obeying, and praising Him in good times and bad. Finding joy and confidence that a brighter, more glorious future is on the horizon.