November 11th – Psalm 119:114-116

Psalm 119:114-116

Although we don’t know what challenges whoever wrote Psalm 119 was facing, it’s clear they found refuge and strength in God, placing their hope in His word. But what does it mean to place our hope in God’s Word? It’s more than just wishing it to be true. Instead hoping in God’s Word is a profound trust and belief in the promises, wisdom, and truths contained within it. When we hope in God’s Word, we lean on it as our perfect source of unchanging truth. We drink from it as a wellspring of comfort in times of distress. And we follow it as a roadmap for life’s journey. This makes our hope not one that is passive, but active, shaping our beliefs, actions, and decisions. it empowers us to stand firm against adversity, to resist the influences of wrongdoing, and to continue steadfastly in obedience to God’s commands. It’s a resilient hope that sustains endurance, enabling us to navigate life’s challenges and to live with unwavering faith in God’s promises, seeking to honor Him in all things.