November 20th – Luke 21:19

Luke 21:19

In a world where Christianity is under attack, it can be hard to stand firm in our faith. Especially when it causes a separation between us and the world, including family and friends. Yet Jesus encourages to do just that. To stand firm in our convictions and endure with unwavering faith. No matter how hard, or how dark the day. That means putting all our trust in God and persevering through trials. Because enduring faith, grounded in the Lord, leads to a victorious and abundant life, both now and more importantly, in the life to come. Jesus promises that those who endure faithfully, will receive the ultimate prize of eternal life in God’s presence. What greater treasure could there be? What greater joy than to win an eternity spend with the Lord? That’s why we have great hope. Because we know our steadfastness in faith is not in vain. And will result in a life that transcends the challenges of this world, and will result in a glorious reward!