News Of The Day – May 17th

Texas Church Blasted For Worshiping God As Female

At Austin New Church in Austin, Texas, several parts of last Sunday’s Mother’s Day service featured feminine pronouns and imagery for God. In her message, Creative Pastor Samantha Beach Kiley says, “We profess that we all bear the image of God, but how can we see God in ourselves if we don’t see ourselves in God? If God is only male, if God is only white, what possibilities does that limit for those of us whose identity markers are different?” She quotes from Christena Cleveland’s book “God Is a Black Woman,” about how a “narrow” view of God restricts our imagination. The worship team also changed the lyrics in the song “Wonderful Maker” by singing that God has “the heart of a mother.” Read more about the message here.


First Pastor To Defy Covid Orders Wins Case In Court Two Years Later

Tony Spell, the first pastor to publicly defy COVID-19 lockdown orders, has won his legal battle against the state of Louisiana two years later. The state Supreme Court decided 5 to 2 on Friday that the governor did not have a good reason to block Spell’s Oneness Pentecostal church from meeting for worship while other venues received exemptions from public health restrictions. The pastor, who leads Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, said, “I’m guilty of having church. I’m guilty of preaching. I’m guilty of praying. But I’m not guilty of breaking any law. I’m not guilty. The only thing I’m guilty of is doing what the Bible told me to do: ‘Do not forsake the assembly of ourselves together.’” Read more about the case here.


Woman Responds In A Christlike Way After Being Robbed

The neighborhood the Collier family lives in has been targeted for theft in several occasions, but this time around the thief came for the family’s leaf blowers. But despite the theft, they are taking a more spiritual approach. “The greatest commandment in the Bible is to love the lord your God with all your heart, your mind, your soul. Second commandment directly following that is to love your neighbor as yourself,” says home owner Jennifer Collier. about the robber she added, “I left a Bible for you on my front porch. If you want to return what you took, it’s there for you because the things that you took that’s not going to make you happy,” says Collier. The family says the Bible will remain on the porch until the man comes back and says if he does come back, they will not even try to have him arrested. Read more about the theft here.


Australia Island Thriving After Being Rid Of 300,000 Rates and Mice

The rats were relentless, said Hank Bower, who has lived on Lord Howe Island for 15 years. At night, they would run up and down the trees, eat food, destroy gardens, destroy the native environment and push animals to extinction. As if to taunt those on the island, they would also leave paw prints in the sand in the morning. But three years ago, an eradication program was put in place. Now the island’s ecosystem is thriving, with native animals and fruit making a quick return. To do the business, poison was placed inside 22,000 lockable traps around the island, while in inaccessible areas, pellets were distributed via helicopter. Just to be sure, rat-catching dogs scour the island every few weeks—but one hasn’t been seen since last August. Read more about the eradication  here.

News Of The Day – April 28th

Church, Family Members Calling For Investigation After 63 year Old Pastor Marries 19 Year old Parishioner

Church members and family members are calling for an investigation into a Pentecostal church bishop in Iowa who recently married a 19-year-old girl. Bishop Dwight Reed is 63 and leads Christ Apostolic Temple in Des Moines, Iowa. In November 2021, Reed married 19-year-old Jordan Goodlett, a longtime church member and former student at the church’s school. An outside clergyman accuses the bishop of “gross abuse of power” and years-long “grooming” of an underage congregant. And some of the teen’s family members and fellow church members also say they’re concerned she is a victim of clergy abuse. Read more about the controversy here.


Poll Of Ministers Shows More Are Struggling With Mental Health Challenges

More than 60 percent of pastors say stress is a challenge in their day-to-day ministry, according to a new Lifeway Research survey that also found that roughly half list “discouragement” as a common barrier. The poll of 1,000 American Protestant pastors, released Tuesday, found that 63 percent of pastors say they battle stress and 48 percent face discouragement. Just over one in four (28 percent) say loneliness or lack of friendships is a problem, while about one in four (18 percent) say depression is an issue. Younger pastors are more likely than older pastors to list stress, discouragement, loneliness and depression as issues. Read more about the poll here.


Woman Marries Cat To Avoid Eviction

Deborah Hodge, 49, married her 5-year-old cat, India, on April 19 in a public park in southeast London. Both Hodge and her cat wore tuxedo-styled outfits for the occasion. The decision to marry her cat came after Hodge was previously forced to give up three other pets – two Huskies and one cat – because of landlord rules barring residents from owning pets. India meowed through her vows as Deborah’s friends watched on, including one who legally ordained the civil union. “I recited vows under the universe that no man will ever tear myself and India apart,” she said. Read more about the wedding here.


Ukrainian refugees Find Shelter In Irish Medieval Castle

When Irishman Barry Haughian and his wife Lola watched Ukrainians flee their homes, they decided to offer up their second home, a 15th century castle in the west of Ireland. Within a day Haughian was on a plane to Poland, having set up a Facebook account for the first time to offer refuge. Eleven Ukrainians returned with him to Ballindooley Castle. A month after their arrival, five of the group have found jobs. Their children are settled in school and play on the half acre estate with local kids, whose families constantly drop in everything from spare fridges, televisions and bags of turf to baskets of fresh eggs for Maria Nazarchuk, the keen baker of the group. Read more about the generosity here.


News Of The Day – April 26th

Supreme Court Hearing Case Involving Football Coach fired For Praying 

Arguments are being heard by Supreme Court Justices involving a case where a high school coach was asked to stop publicly praying, and was fired after he refused. Joseph Kennedy filed suit against the school after he was not retained as a coach by Bremerton (Wash.) High School. He had conducted post-game prayers multiple times, violating a district policy – often at midfield while alone. It is one of the biggest cases in recent years involving free speech, religious liberty and the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. A decision is expected before the court’s summer break. Read more about the case here. 


Thousands Of Families Left With $50 Million In Debt After Health Care Sharing Ministry Closes

About 10,000 families have ended up with more than $50 million in unpaid medical bills after their health sharing ministry shut down. Sharity Ministries, formerly known as Trinity HealthShare, filed for bankruptcy in late 2021 and began the liquidation process. With so many outstanding claims against the ministry, it is unlikely that its members will receive the reimbursements they are owed. Sharity Ministries operated as a nonprofit that offered an alternative to traditional health insurance where members pay premiums and voluntarily agree to share their medical expenses in accordance with their Christian beliefs. Read more about the bankruptcy here.


Texas Pastor Tweets “Don’t tell Unbelievers God Loves You” 

When Pastor Gabriel Hughes tweeted yesterday, “You should not tell an unbeliever, ‘God loves you,’” social media took note. He continued, “The apostles never shared the gospel this way. The Bible says God’s wrath is upon unbelievers. Help them see their sin, warn them of the judgment of God, and give them the gospel.” The post has received more than 1,000 likes and dozens of replies. Hughes is associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Lindale, Texas. Several people agree with Hughes, while others however, point to apparent scriptural contradictions in Hughes’ words. Read more about the tweet here.


Dutch Designer Helping Refugee Camp Recycle Plastic Waste

In the middle of the Sahara desert on the western border of Algeria, refugee camps hosting tens of thousands of people rely on basic supplies which come in on trucks. And until recently, all the waste from the camps was dumped nearby in the desert into an ever-growing pile of plastic. But refugees are now turning that plastic trash into furniture and other products that they can use. Precious Plastic, an organization with a DIY recycling system developed by a Dutch designer who helped set up a recycling center. One machine shreds the plastic into tiny pieces. Other machines wash and dry them. Then the plastic pieces can be melted down and shaped into new objects. Read more about the center here.





News Of The Day – April 21st

Burger King Apologizes For Using The Words of Jesus At Last Supper In Ad Campaign

Burger King is apologizing after facing criticism from Roman Catholics in Spain for using Jesus’ words from the Last Supper to promote its new veggie burger. The ad said, “Take all of you and eat of it. Which doesn’t have meat. 100% vegetarian. 100% flavor. Big King Vegetable.” Another ad read, “Flesh of my flesh,” but crossed the word “flesh” and wrote vegetable instead. The company said in a statement, “”We apologize to all those who have felt offended by our campaign aimed at promoting our vegetable products during Holy Week. The immediate withdrawal of the campaign has already been requested.” Read more about the apology here.


Dede Robertson, Wife Of Televangelist Pat Robertson, Dies At Age 94

Dede Robertson, the wife of the religious broadcaster Pat Robertson and a founding board member of his Christian Broadcasting Network, died on Tuesday at her home in Virginia Beach. She was 94. Mrs. Robertson became a born-again Christian several months after her husband. The couple, who met at Yale University in 1952, embarked on a journey in which Pat Robertson bought the tiny television station in Virginia that would become the Christian Broadcasting Network. In addition to her husband and her son Gordon, Mrs. Robertson is survived by another son, Timothy; two daughters, Elizabeth Robinson and Ann LeBlanc; 14 grandchildren; and 23 great-grandchildren. Read more about her life here.


Dog the Bounty Hunter Brings masked Singer Judges To Tears

Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, departed from his typical tough-guy image by donning a costume to conceal his identity in this season’s “The Masked Singer,” but before being voted off the show, he shared a tearful rendition of “Amazing Grace.” Judges Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger were noticeably moved. Thicke even revealed that he sings the Christian hymn to his child every night. “I am trying to be a Christian, so we negotiated a Christian song and that song happened to be my mother’s most favorite. It really was very emotional for me to show my faith,” the reality star added. Read more about the performance here.


What Your Candy preference Says About You

If you like sour candy more than other flavors, it’s possible you might be an extrovert. That’s just one takeaway from a new survey of 2,000 candy lovers: a person’s preference for certain sweets may say a lot about their personality and lifestyle choices. In addition to being extroverted (59%), sour candy connoisseurs also identified themselves as more “eccentric” (53%), “funny” (50%) and “sarcastic” (51%.) Meanwhile, chocolate lovers tended to describe themselves as “optimistic” (76%) and “shy” (67%), and fans of mint were most likely to say they’re “thoughtful” (78%). The survey was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Jelly Belly Candy Company. Read more about the findings here.




News Of the Day – April 19th

Israeli Farmers Grow Date Trees Using 2000 Year Old Seeds

When Sarah Sallon first thought of cultivating 2,000-year-old date palm seeds found in a Roman-era fortress, she received a less than encouraging response. But Sallon bet that the Dead Sea’s unique, bone-dry environment would enable the seeds from the Masada fortress to flourish. And she’s now been proven right. The seeds – the oldest ever germinated – were among hundreds discovered in an ancient palace built by King Herod the Great in the 1st century BC. Sarah Sallon at the Louis L Borick Natural Medicine Research Center in Jerusalem previously grew a single date palm tree from one of the seeds. Her team has now managed to grow a further six. Read more about the seeds here.


Kathy Lee Gifford Has New TV Series, “The Jesus I Know”

The success of Kathie Lee Gifford’s new book The Jesus I Know has sparked a new television series on Fox Nation about the same subject. The series, also called The Jesus I Know, features Gifford interviewing well-known people about their personal faith. The new TV series is available exclusively on Fox Nation, a streaming service. Gifford said, “”I believe that Jesus is the way to eternal life because Jesus said, ‘I am the Way the Truth and the Life, and no one comes unto the Father but through Me.’ So I believe Jesus when He says that, but I also know that if we’re going to try to get to the Father, I want Jesus at the gate because He’s the one that saw my heart from day one.” Read more about the series here.


University To Pay Christian Professor $400,000 Dollars After Discipling Him For Not Using Trans Pronoun

An Ohio university has settled a high-profile case with a Christian professor by saying it won’t force him to use transgender pronouns and agreeing to pay $400,000 in damages and attorneys’ fees. Shawnee State University settled the case in recent days, approximately one year after the U.S. Sixth Court of Appeals sided with philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether, a devout Christian who was disciplined by the school for not using the preferred pronouns of a transgender student. The university “has agreed that Meriwether has the right to choose when to use, or avoid using, titles or pronouns when referring to or addressing students,” according to Alliance Defending Freedom, which represented Meriwether. Read more about the settlement here.


A Botanical Cannabis Has Been Shown To Kill 100% Of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

A botanical drug containing extracts of a cannabis plant managed to eliminate 100 per cent of pancreatic cancer cells, a new study revealed. The drug, which is based on an extract of the Cyathus stratus fungus in conjunction with the cannabinoid extract, killed all cancer cells without damaging any healthy cells. It was developed by the biomedical company Cannabotech and the study was led by Professor Fuad Fares, who is a senior cancer researcher at the University of Haifa. The fungus used has been the subject of eight years of testing for anti-cancer efficacy and the treatment showed better anti-cancer results than a variety of other fungi tested. Read more about the drug here.





News Of The Day – April 14th

New Poll Shows Many Americans View Pandemic And Russian Invasion As End Time Prophecy

The bible warns that Christians are to be aware of the signs and season of the Lord’s return. According to a recent poll by The Joshua Fund, most Americans believe that the COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are signs of biblical prophecies being fulfilled ahead of Christ’s return. People including evangelical Christians, were asked various questions about recent significant world events, including the pandemic and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. In response, 4-in-10 Americans (40.1%) agreed that the pandemic was a sign of biblical prophecy being fulfilled, while 41.1 percent disagreed, and 18.7 percent said they did not know. Read more about the poll here.


Disney Feeling The Effect Of Embracing “Woke” Policies

People aren’t happy with Disney, and its showing. The polling group Trafalgar partnered with the Convention of States Action to determine the popularity of that move, and it went as expected. Over 68% of people are less likely to do business with Disney as a result of the company “focusing on creating content to expose young children to sexual ideas.” That number includes 48% among Democrats. Around 69% of people are likely “to support family-friendly alternatives to Disney,” including 58% of Democrats. Both questions pull a majority from every racial group, age group, and from both men and women. Read more about Disney here.


Leaked Report About Hillsong And Carl Lentz Shows Sexual Abuse Was Widespread

The results of an investigation by an independent law firm into the culture of Hillsong NYC, have been leaked, and its contents paint a picture of a church leadership rife with abuse, sexual misconduct and secrecy. Among the details include several extramarital affairs by the church’s former pastor Carl Lentz and spiritual abuse of volunteers and staff, as well as “multiple incidents of consensual or non-consensual sexual interaction between church leaders and congregants, staff, volunteers, or non-churchgoers,” The  report also furthers details of the relationship between Lentz and his former nanny, Leona Kimes, who alleged that Lentz had sexually abused her while she was on staff. Read more about the report here.


Research Suggests Mushrooms Talk To Each Other

Mycologists studying the underground filaments of fungi are observing electrical signals similar to a nervous system: a normal phenomenon, except that they found the signals were remarkably similar to human language. A paper published this week in the journal “Royal Society Open Science”, concludes some fungi use electrical impulses to share and process information internally. When signal activity spikes, it creates intricate patterns that may function like words in human speech. It is estimated fungi vocabulary could consist of about 50 words. Some scientists are skeptical that the research was done looking for ‘language’, suggesting that this puts a shroud of exaggeration and overexcitement about the findings. Read more about the findings here.



News Of the Day – April 12th

Texas Pastor Killed In Accident With 18 Wheeler

A local church community is mourning after Pastor Warren Beemer died in a car crash in Louisiana on Saturday. Beemer, 52, was a leader at Healing Places Church San Antonio and a resident of Fair Oaks Ranch. He leaves behind a wife and several children. Authorities in Louisiana said that Beemer was traveling east on I-10 when he failed to stop and struck the rear of a tractor trailer. They said he was properly restrained, but suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. The crash is still under investigation. Police say Beemer was wearing a seatbelt. The truck driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Read more about the accident here.


Franklin Graham To Deliver Easter Message From Ukraine

Evangelist Franklin Graham has announced that he will be returning to Ukraine to deliver a special message this Easter Sunday. “I will be sharing a message the whole world needs to hear: Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, conquered sin and death 2,000 years ago when He rose victoriously from the grave,” Graham said. “This Good News changes everything—for individual hearts, for communities and for entire nations.” Graham traveled to the war-torn country last month as his ministries, Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), launched relief efforts to help Ukrainians in need. Read more about his message here.


Mark Wahlberg Prays For New Movie “Father Stu” To Change People

Mark Wahlberg’s new film, “Father Stu”, debuts in theatres nationwide next week, just in time for Easter. The movie tells the story of the late Stuart Long, an amateur boxer who eventually joined the priesthood. Wahlberg was struck by Long’s story and was so determined to make the film, he invested his own money in the movie. A risk he was willing to take because he was confident God was behind the project. The film touches on a whole host of issues, from finding purpose in suffering and trusting God with the unknown to practicing humility and leaving space for redemption. Wahlberg says he prayed a lot that the film would lead to changed hearts. Read more about the movie here.


Solar Panels Can Make Electricity At Night

Engineers at Stanford University have developed solar panels that can continue to generate electricity even at night. Standard solar panels are able to provide electricity only during the day, but this new technology is able to work as a “continuous renewable power source for both day and nighttime.” About 750 million people in the world do not have access to electricity at night. Solar cells provide power during the day, but saving energy for later use requires substantial battery storage. but now engineers have built a device with a thermoelectric generator. This device is able to suck electricity from the tiny difference in temperature between the solar cell and ambient air. Read more about the panels here.

News Of the Day – April 5th

Maverick City Music Makes History As First Christian Performer At Grammy Award Show In 20 Years

Maverick City Music made history Sunday night by winning its first Grammy and also becoming the first Christian or Gospel group in 20 years to perform live on the broadcast. The group won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for Old Church Basement, a live LP recorded with Elevation Worship. The group also received nominations for Best Gospel Performance/Song (Wait on You), Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song (Jireh) and Best Gospel Album (Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition). The group tweeted after the win, “THANK YOU JESUS!” the group’s Twitter account said after the Grammy win. “Everything we do belongs to God! We’re so honored to be a part of what He is doing in the Kingdom!” Read more about the group here.


Franklin Graham Writes Putin And Zelenskyy Requesting Cease Fire During Holy Week

The Rev. Franklin Graham said he wrote to Russian President Vladimir V. Putin and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to ask for a cease-fire in the war in observance of Holy Week in the Western and Eastern Christian churches, which together span from April 10 to April 24. Graham visited Ukraine this week to see the work that his humanitarian relief organization, Samaritan’s Purse, is doing to aid refugees and other victims of the war. He said he was not confident he’d get a response from Putin but said he viewed the message as necessary. “If they can stop fighting for a week or 10 days, maybe they can stop fighting for two weeks,” said Graham. “If they stop for two weeks maybe they can stop for a month. If they stop for a month, maybe they can stop for good. You’ve got to start somewhere.” Read more about his request here.


NYC Mayor Fires Christian Education Advisor Over her Views On Gender And Sexuality

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has fired an education advisor from the city’s Panel for Education Policy after the New York Daily News reported on some of her past writings on gender and sexuality. The Rev. Kathlyn Barrett-Layne, who leads Staten Island’s Reach Out and Touch Ministries, was initially one of nine appointees to NYC’s Panel for Education Policy (PEP), which replaced the Board of Education in 2002 and is part of overseeing the city’s public schools. Within hours of Adams’ public announcement of the appointment, Barrett-Layne was reportedly asked to resign, due to an article published citing Barrett-Layne’s 2013 book, Challenging Your Disappointments, as evidence for her “anti-gay” agenda. In the book, Barrett-Layne listed homosexuality among other sins, including “fornication, adultery, pedophilia, stealing, lying, envy, and covetousness.” Read more about her firing here.


Metal Detector Discovers Ring belonging To The Sheriff Of Nottingham

A gold signet ring linked to the Sheriff of Nottingham has made £8,500 at auction. Found in a Nottinghamshire field by a metal detectorist, its history may however have more to do with lost Civil War loot than Robin Hood. The ring bears the coat of arms of the Jenison family, one of whom was Sheriff in the 1680s, but later died in prison. Rumors the family made its money from valuables unclaimed after the war were boosted by a silver hoard found nearby. Once it was verified as authentic, it was sent back to the finder, who is now set to make a good amount from his incredible discovery. The find has been described as one the ‘legendary outlaw Robin Hood would have loved’ by auctioneers ahead of its sale. Read more about the discovery here.

News Of The Day – March 31st

Israel Suffers Three Deadly Attacks In One Week

Five people were shot dead by a Palestinian gunman near Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Israeli police said, marking the third such attack in Israel within a week. The attack started in the city of Bnei Brak, just east of Tel Aviv. A police spokesperson said a preliminary investigation found that at least one assailant used an assault rifle against civilians in several locations before being killed by local police forces. The death toll from Tuesday’s attack brings the number of people killed in such attacks in the last week to 11. Read more about the attacks here.


Defense Attorneys For Megachurch Pastor Charged With Sex Crimes Says Evidence Was Fabricated

Megachurch pastor Naason Joaquin Garcia, who is accused of multiple sex crimes, says prosecutors have fabricated evidence in his case. n a motion filed on March 15, defense attorney Alan Jackson and his team argued that the case against Garcia is based on false evidence. The California Attorney General’s Office alleges that Garcia, pastor at La Luz Del Mundo, groomed and raped teenage girls from his congregation. He was arrested in the summer of 2019 and charged with human trafficking, production of child pornography, forcible rape of a minor and other felonies committed between 2015 and 2019. Read more about the motion here.


University Of Washington Sparks Outrage After Freezer Full Of Aborted Baby Parts Exposed

The University of Washington School of Medicine is reportedly keeping aborted human fetuses and organs in rows of labeled boxes and paper bags in a walk-in freezer. The grim discovery was made earlier this month by the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, a left-wing organization, alongside members of several other anti-abortion groups that located the freezer at the university’s Birth Defects Research Laboratory. The activists found the freezer by following a paper trail of invoices that recorded the purchase of various fetal body parts by universities and research labs across the country. Read more about the discovery here.


Ukrainian-American Pastor Kidnapped By Russians Is Released

A Ukrainian-American pastor who was recently kidnapped from his home by Russian forces has been released, his family confirmed. Pastor Dmitry Bodyu of Word of Life Church in Melitopol was taken by about 8 to 10 Russian troops on the morning of March 19. On Monday, however, his wife, Helen Bodyu, announced that he had been sent free and returned home. “Dear friends! Thank you all so much for your prayers!!! Dmitry is home. He’s doing well, wrote Helen on Facebook. Thank you for your participation, for your concern, help and love! God is good!!! Praise the Lord!” Read more about his release here.



News Of The Day – March 29th

Florida Governor Signs Parental Rights In Education Bill

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the “Parental Rights in Education” bill into law Monday, prohibiting classroom discussion or instruction on sexual orientation and identity in kindergarten to third grade or in older grades in “a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate.” The law also states that parents must be notified about health care services offered at the school, with the right to decline any service offered, and that parents must give permission before a questionnaire or health screening is given to young students. Read more about the law here.


3000 Year Old Tablet With God’s Name And Warnings Discovered

A new discovery from Israel involving an ancient tablet could be one of the most significant archaeological finds in modern history. The tablet was discovered at the site of Mt. Ebel, and its  text is being called centuries older than any known Hebrew inscription from ancient Israel. A lab in Prague scanned the tablet. The text reads, “Cursed, cursed, cursed – cursed by the God YHW. You will die cursed. Cursed you will surely die. Cursed by YHW – cursed, cursed, cursed.” the tablet dates to the late Bronze period, which ran from 3300 B.C. to 1200 B.C. That means it would be roughly 3,000 years old. Read more about the discovery here.


Utah Becomes 12th State To Prohibit Biological Males from Playing In Female Sports

Utah became the 12th state to prohibit biological males from playing on female sports teams when its legislature on Friday overrode the governor’s veto of the bill. Governor Cox of Utah, was the second governor this week to veto legislation focused on transgender participation in sports. Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb also vetoed a bill banning transgender athletes from choosing their own sports teams, saying he found no evidence of unfairness. Utah’s bill prohibits “a student of the male sex from competing against another school on a team designated for female students.” The legislation defines “sex” as the “biological, physical condition of being male or female, determined by an individual’s genetics and anatomy at birth.” Read more about the bill here.


Terrorists Kill Christians And Abduct Others Including Priest In Nigeria

Fulani herdsmen on Thursday (March 24) killed Christians and abducted others including a Catholic priest in attacks on communities in an area of Kaduna state, Nigeria, area sources said. In late-night attacks on 10 predominantly Christian communities of Giwa County, herdsmen and others also took about 100 people captive and burned down a church building, area residents said. “They also burned houses, stores and killed animals,” resident Nuhu Musa told Morning Star News by text message. “These attacks continued and lasted up to the morning of Friday, 25 March. They didn’t allow even the dead bodies to be buried, as they shot at mourners and those who returned to the villages to conduct funerals for those killed.” Read more about the attack here. 


Holocaust Survivors Reunite In Florida After Almost 80 Years

Jack Waksal and Sam Ron spent more than a year together in the Pionki forced labor camp in Poland during the Holocaust. After the war, neither man knew if the other had survived. Fast forward 79 years when Waksal recognized Ron at a benefit event for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The two started catching up on each other’s stories. Waksal had escaped the camp and survived six months in the forest in winter. Ron was moved to another camp and then American liberators saved him from a Nazi death march. Just teenagers at the time of their imprisonment, the two managed to both immigrate to the United States, specifically to Ohio, where they both lived for 40 years unaware of each other’s existence before eventually moving to South Florida. Read more about their reunion here.