News Of The Day – August 9th

Survivor Of Oxford Michigan School Shooting Wows Judges With Lauren Daigle Song

18 year old Ava Swiss’ stirring rendition of Lauren Daigle’s “Remember” earned her a standing ovation on America’s Got Talent. But it was her personal story that truly touched the Judges and audience. Swiss revealed she was a survivor of the Oxford, Michigan school shooting in November 2021. “I’m just so blessed, and I’m so happy I have another opportunity to just share my story and to hopefully touch others and heal others with my voice,” the young singer said. Swiss earned a unanimous “Yes” vote from all four Judges to move forward in the next round. Read more of her story here.


British Boy Dies when Life Support Is Pulled After Long Legal Battle Between Family And Doctors

Archie Battersbee, the 12-year-old British boy whose family waged an unsuccessful legal fight to stop his doctors from disconnecting him from a ventilator, died. He had been in a coma since he was found unconscious by his mother in April. Archie was being kept alive by a combination of medical interventions, including ventilation and drug treatments. The family fought against turning off his life support but were ultimately defeated. His family, who were supported by the Christian Legal Centre, said they were “so proud” of Archie and that he had “fought against all the odds”. Read more about the sweet little boy and his family here.


Wisconsin Pastor Arrested In Solicitation Of Minors Sting

The lead pastor of an evangelical church in northwest Wisconsin has been arrested in a solicitation of minors sting operation conducted by state and local authorities. Jason James Taylor, 47, lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Solid Rock in New Richmond, Wisconsin, was among six people arrested following a sting operation led by the Minnesota Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force. An agent chatted with Taylor via messaging and sent a “decoy” picture of a girl appearing to be under 18. Taylor agreed to pay $80 for a  sex act. Read more the sting and arrest here.


Auburn Basketball Team Baptized In Jordan River During Israel Tour

Players from one of college basketball’s most prominent teams took part in a baptism ceremony in the Jordan River last week during an off day as part of the team’s summer international tour. The Auburn men’s basketball team visited multiple historical sites in Israel in recent days, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which tradition says was the site of Christ’s empty tomb. Auburn coach Bruce Pearl, who is Jewish, has called the tour a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. On Friday, the players were baptized in the Jordan River. The team’s official social media account posted pictures of the baptisms. Read more about their life changing trip here.

News Of The Day – July 26th

Dick’s Sporting Goods Hit With Civil Rights Complaint For Funding Employee Abortions But Not Childcare

America First Legal (AFL) has asked the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to open a civil-rights investigation into Dick’s Sporting Goods, alleging multiple violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination based on parental status. The complaint stems from Dick’s offering a special employment benefit of “up to $4,000” in travel reimbursement for an employee, spouse, or dependent enrolled in their medical plan, along with one support person, to obtain an abortion, but not offering the same benefit to mothers who decide not to terminate their pregnancy. Read more about the complaint here.


Christian Track Star Sydney Mclaughlin Sets new World Record In The 400-Meter Hurdle

U.S. Olympic gold medalist Sydney McLaughlin made history after she broke her own world record in the 400-meter hurdles at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon. “I’ll have to start off by saying all the glory to God,” she told reporters after the race. “These past few days getting ready for this race, Hebrews 4:16 has been on my mind, coming boldly to His throne to receive mercy and grace. And I think He really gave me the strength to do it today, so all the glory goes to God.” McLaughlin, an outspoken Christian, has touted her faith on social media throughout her career. Read more about this record setter here.


Gog And Magog Trend On Twitter After Putin Meets With Iranian Leaders

Ezekiel 38, a key Bible chapter containing important end times prophecies, trended on Twitter Russian President Vladimir Putin made what was called a “rare international trip to Iran” this week. That along with the other global catastrophes and events unfolding, has led many pastors and end-times experts to wonder whether the biblical prophecies about the end of days are starting to unfold. According to Ezekiel, Gog from Magog will attack Israel and other partner nations, including Persia (modern-day Iran), but God will step in and defeat the coalition. Many Bible scholars believe Russia to be Magog. Read more about the trending topic here.


25 Year Old runs Into Burning House To Save Five Children

Nicholas Bostic was on his way to get gas one night last week around midnight when he saw flames leaping from the front of a two-story house in Lafayette, Ind. Bostic, 25, jumped out of his car and tried to flag down another driver, but the person didn’t stop. He wasn’t sure whether anyone was in the home, so he ran to the back of the house, found an unlocked door and rushed inside. The 25 year old hero, pulled five children to safety. Bostic was also being sent by ambulance to a hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation and first-degree burns on his buttocks, right ankle and right arm. Read more about this hero here.





News Of The Day – July 14th

Colorado Youth Pastor Arrested For Storming The Capital On January 6th

33-year-old Tyler Earl Ethridge, was arrested in Colorado on charges of felony civil disorder and other misdemeanors. The FBI became aware of Ethridge’s alleged involvement in the attack after someone he knew from Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado, sent a tip into the organization. In a video Ethridge released on social media he said, “Don’t be afraid of what they sentence you with. I’m not. I’m ready for whatever I’ll be charged with. America is still primed and ready.” He has since lost his job as a youth pastor at a Florida church. Read more about the case here. 


Pastor Loses two Daughter And Sister In head On Crash
An Illinois pastor and his family are grieving the loss of two of his three daughters and his sister after a tragic crash. Pastor Scott Broughton of First Baptist Church of Carlyle and his wife, Amanda, lost their daughters Savanna Grace Broughton, 17, and Brooke-Lynn Kay Broughton, 15. The pastor’s sister, Rhonda Evans, 43, from Ackerman, Mississippi, also died in the crash. Along with their parents, the sisters leave behind their siblings — Mary Kathryn Broughton and Emerson Keeton Broughton — and other extended family members. Read more about the tragedy here.
Church Of England Won’t Give Definition Of A Woman Citing Complexities Of Gender Identity

The Church of England has said that there is “no official definition” of a woman. While senior bishops formerly agreed that such basic definitions were not up for debate, the church’s Bishop in Europe has released an update suggesting that its treatment of the terminology should be reevaluated. “There is no official definition, which reflects the fact that until fairly recently definitions of this kind were thought to be self-evident, as reflected in the marriage liturgy,” Bishop Robert Innes said in a statement. He added that there are new “complexities associated with gender identity” making it necessary to give “additional care” to the gender identity issue. Read more about the church’s position here.

Over 3400 People Receive Jesus At Festival In the United Kingdom

Tens of thousands of people attended Festival Manchester last weekend, the biggest Christian mission in the North West in a generation, with organizers reporting that 3,472 responded to the Gospel. The three-day event in the city’s Wythenshawe Park was hosted by local churches in partnership with The Message Trust and the Luis Palau Association. It was preceded by 18 months of outreach to the city that combined sharing the faith with social action projects. The Message Trust reports that hundreds responded to the Gospel as a result of these projects. Read more about the festival here.

News Of The Day – July 7th

77 People Who Were Forced To Wait For The Rapture Rescued From Basement

Nigerian police reported they rescued at least 77 people, including 23 children, from a church basement, where pastors told them to stay and to wait for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Authorities raided the basement of the Whole Bible Believers Church, following a tip by a parent who told authorities her children were missing. Police arrested two church leaders after the raid., who have denied the allegations of kidnapping. The pastors still claim that they were having a seven-day program, with one stating God told him that Jesus was to come by September. Read more about the rescue here.


Televangelist Creflo Dollar Admits Teachings On Tithing Were Wrong But Refuses To Apologize

Multimillion-dollar American prosperity preacher, Creflo Dollar, has made a U-turn on tithing, saying he misled his congregation on the topic for many years. He publicly retracted his views on tithing, confessing these teachings were wrong, stating that it was not biblical to tithe but up to individuals to offer according to their heart and ability. Dollar also added that he will not apologize for his past teachings on tithing. The pastor has long been criticized for living a lavish lifestyle. Read more about his retraction here.


Mr. T Makes Plea For Prayers For Unity In America

Beloved actor and former professional wrestle, Mr. T, issued a heartfelt message on social media calling for prayer for unity across the nation. In several posts he tweeted, “Happy Birthday America and Happy Independence Day! The Land of the Free and home of the Brave. The Red, the White, and the Blue. In God we Trust! My home sweet home, The Land that I Love! I am so very Grateful to be a citizen of the United States of America, Thank God! We the people; together we stand, divided we fall! Black and white together, we shall overcome someday! The Nation that prays together, stays together!” Read more about his heartfelt request here.


Go Fund Me For Two Year Old Who Lost Both Parents In Mass Shooting Reaches Over $2 Million

A fundraiser for a 2-year-old orphan whose parents were killed during the Highland Park, Ill., mass shooting has reached over $2 million dollars, after a concerned citizen set up the charity. The GoFundMe fundraiser for 2-year-old Aiden McCarthy was launched after Aiden’s two parents – Kevin, 37, and Irina, 35 – were killed while attending the Fourth of July parade. The father shielded Aiden with his body, according to local media reports. The McCarthys are immigrants from Russia, and the mother was Jewish. Aiden’s grandparents are taking care of him. His grandfather, Misha Levberg, picked Aiden up from the police station. Read more about the tragedy here.

News Of The Day – July 5th

Parents Of Child On Life Support Getting Chance To Appeal Court Decision Allowing Doctors To Stop Treatment

Archie Battersbee, 12, was found unconscious with a ligature around his neck at his home in Southend, Essex, England, on April 7. He was later declared brain-dead at the hospital. The High Court that had previously decided to end all lifesaving care, has now been told to reconsider its decision to allow doctors to switch off the life support of the brain-damaged boy. Archie’s mother, Hollie Dance, who is fighting to keep her son on life support said, “Until God decides, then I will continue to fight for him and I will continue to be his voice.” Read more about the case here.


Two Faith leaders to be Awarded the Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Two faith leaders, a Catholic nun and a Greek Orthodox Christian priest, will receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States. Sister Simone Campbell, former executive director of the lobbying group NETWORK, and the Rev. Alexander Karloutsos, the former vicar general of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, will be among the 17 Americans recognized in a ceremony at the White House. The medal is given to “individuals who have made exemplary contributions to the prosperity, values, or security of the United States, world peace, or other significant societal, public or private endeavors. Read more about the recipients here.


Pope Francis Condemns Abortion Compares It To Hiring A Hitman

Pope Francis has reaffirmed his opposition to abortion after the repeal of Roe v Wade by the U.S. Supreme Court. He is quoted as saying, “I ask: ‘Is it licit, is it right, to eliminate a human life to resolve a problem? It’s a human life – that’s science. The moral question is whether it is right to take a human life to solve a problem. Indeed, is it right to hire a hit man to solve a problem?” adding, “a human being is never incompatible with life. The Pope has also refuted recent claims that he intends to retire soon. Read more of his opinion here.


Firefighters Rescue Kitten Stuck In Vending Machine

A Tennessee Walmart employee was on her break when she heard cries coming from the Pepsi vending machine. There she found a small grey kitten lodged inside. When all attempts to free the feline failed, the employees called the local fire department. Arriving firefighters unplugged the vending machine and removed the back cover, but still could not see the crying kitten, according to the post. Eventually, firefighters found another opening where they could see the kitten and coaxed it out. The kitten was fine and found a new home in the employee who originally heard her cries. Read more about the heart warming rescue here.





News Of the Day – June 23rd

Pastor Held By Mexican Cartel Released

Baptist pastor Lorenzo Ortiz, who operates five shelters for migrants in northern Mexico, was released unharmed after being held hostage by a Mexican cartel for about 29 hours. When Ortiz began ministering to migrants in Nuevo Laredo several years ago, he was aware of the cartel activity in the region. He said he knew he was working as “a lamb among wolves,” but he felt assured “God was going to be there.” In the end, the cartel not only released him unharmed and without making any ransom payment, but also replaced two slashed tires on his van. Read more about his incredible story here.


Church Burns to The Ground Leaving Only a Wooden Cross Standing

A Texas community was left in awe after a devastating fire ravished a Bridgeport church on Friday bringing everything to the ground but a wooden cross. “A devastating loss to our community, but a sight to behold. The fire took the structure, but not the cross,” the Wise County Emergency Services Department No. 2 / Boonsville-Balsora Volunteer Fire Department posted on Facebook. “A symbol that the building was just that, a building. The Church is the congregation, and where 2 or more gather, there He shall be also.” The Wise County Emergency Services Department said the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Read more about the fire here.


Russian Journalist Auctions Off Nobel Prize To Aid Ukrainians

Russian journalist, Dmitry Muratov, was co-awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for defending freedom of expression in Russia. And in a giant act of generosity, Muratov auctioned off his gold medal for a record-breaking $103.5 million to raise money for Ukrainian child refugees. The buyer, who remains unidentified, is believed to be from overseas as the $103.5 million sale translates to $100 million Swiss francs. The proceeds immediately went to UNICEF to help Ukrainian children displaced by the ongoing war. Although the bidding has closed, Muratov and Heritage officials said that people can still donate directly to UNICEF. Read more about his selfless act here. 


New Study Shows Vitamin D Could Ward Off Dementia And Strokes

More sunshine could help ward off dementia, according to a new study which reveals a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and cognitive decline. The world-first study discovered that cases of dementia could drop by nearly a fifth if people who are deficient in vitamin D take more supplements to bring them up to healthy levels. Pills aren’t the only solution though, as the skin makes the “sunshine vitamin” after exposure to UV light. The team from the University of South Australia looked at nearly 300,000 people from the UK Biobank examining the impact of low levels of vitamin D and the risk of dementia and stroke. Read more about their discovery here.


News Of The Day – June 21st

Nebraska Father Told Daughter Died In Car Crash, Later Learns She’s Alive

When Hannah Wadiso’s father was told she died in a car crash, he broke down in tears and hit his knees in prayer. Then something miraculous happened! Just a few hours after hearing their daughter died in a car crash, Hannah Wadiso’s family received a call saying she was in the hospital in critical condition. “Amen, hallelujah, thank you, Jesus, this is a chance,” Hannah’s father replied. The error occurred due to mistaken identity. Hannah has a long road of recovery ahead of her and her parents are balancing caring for her and their other child who has special needs. Read more about this miracle here.


The Ex-Wife Of Well-Known Iranian American Pastor Alleges Franklin Graham Counseled Her To Return To Abusive Husband 

Franklin Graham has disputed charges made against him by Naghmeh Panahi, ex-wife of Iranian American Pastor, Saeed Abedini. Panahi claims Graham encouraged her to undergo counseling and return to her husband after being told that her husband abused her. She says the evangelist said to her, “There is nothing the two of you face, Naghmeh, that God can’t fix, if the two of you want it.” Graham’s spokesperson added, “Graham does not intend to address any other comments made by Abedini or his estranged wife but will continue to pray for them.” Read more of Panahi’s claims here.


Israel And Turkey Work Together To Foil Terrorist Plot

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Monday that Israeli and Turkish security officials have worked together to foil terrorist attacks on Israelis in Turkey. “The operational efforts alongside Turkish security forces have borne fruit,” Bennett said. “In recent days, in a joint Israeli-Turkish effort, we thwarted a number of attacks and a number of terrorists were arrested on Turkish soil.” Senior Israeli leaders have sounded a series of warnings since last week that Iran is trying to carry out terror attacks against Israelis on Turkish soil. Read more about the planned attacks here.


Newly Discovered Fossil Shows Dinosaurs Had Belly Buttons

Paleontologists have discovered the oldest belly button known to science. It belongs to a Psittacosaurusa member of the horned dinosaurs Ceratopsia, in a fossil uncovered in China. The belly button does not come from an umbilical cord, as it does with mammals, but from the yolk sac of the egg-laying creature. The Psittacosaurus umbilical scar is similar to that of an adult alligator and is the first example of one in a non-avian dinosaur that predates the Cenozoic period, 66 million years ago. Scientists from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and international colleagues in Argentina and the U.S. used a high-tech laser imaging technology to make the discovery. Read more about the fossil here.




News Of The Day – June 14th

Franklin Graham Preaches To Almost 70,000 In Brazil

A crowd of of thousands  gathered to hear Franklin Graham preach a message of hope in Rio De Janeiro over the weekend. The event, billed as “Esperanca Rio,” meaning “Hope Rio,” came about through the work of over 4,000 churches. Graham, the President and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, preached a simple Gospel message aimed at the hearts of the nearly 70,000 in attendance. Speaking about God’s love Graham said, “He loves each and every person, that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to this world to save us from our sins. Jesus Christ did not come to condemn but to save…This is the message I’ve come to preach.” Read more about his message here.


Christian Publisher Responds To Criticism Over Pride Month Reading List

William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, an historic evangelical publisher, has responded to criticism regarding the company’s LGBTQ+ Pride Month reading list. The company had previously tweeted, “Wherever you stand or whatever you think you know, #PrideMonth is an important time to take a step back, listen to real stories, and seek to understand,” Also included was a link to the reading list, which was hosted on the company’s blog. After receiving backlash  the company responded by saying, “We do not think it is for us as a publisher to define doctrine for the church. Our role is to publish books, representing both settled and experimental positions, that serve the church in its ongoing deliberations.” Read more about the reading list here.


Pop Star Justin Bieber Is Asking For Prayers After Suffering Paralysis

Singer and teen idol, Justin Bieber, has postponed several scheduled concerts and appearances after he was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a medical condition that has left the right side of his face paralyzed. According to the Mayo Clinic, Ramsay Hunt syndrome is caused “when a shingles outbreak affects the facial nerve near one of your ears.” In addition to facial paralysis, the rare condition can cause “hearing loss in the affected ear.” Bieber recorded a video for fans and on it he says, “It’s gonna be okay, and I have hope. I trust God, and I trust that it’s all for a reason. I’m not sure what that is right now, but, in the meantime, I’m gonna rest. I love you guys, and keep me in your prayers,” Read more about the syndrome here.


High Schoolers Step In To Sign Yearbook Of Sixth Grader When Others Wouldn’t

Cassandra Ridder was heartbroken when her son Brody came home from school last week with only a handful of signatures in his yearbook, one of which was his own. She revealed that her son has struggled socially and has been repeatedly bullied over the past two years. After sharing hesr on’s plight on Facebook, three 11th graders stepped up. a group of older students filed into Brody’s sixth-grade classroom to sign his yearbook. Speaking of the incredible show of support from his seniors, Brody said that although he felt shy at first, “it made me feel better.” The youngster collected over 100 signatures and messages of support in his yearbook that day and also got some phone numbers and a gift bag. Read more of his heart warming story here.

News Of The Day – June 7th

Southern Illinois University Sued For Punishing Christian Student

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), is being sued by a student after the university disciplined her for sharing her Christian and conservative views with fellow students. In February, officials at SIUE issued no-contact orders against 26-year-old Maggie DeJong, who graduated from the school last month, after three students complained that her beliefs constituted “harassment” and “discrimination.” The school also threatened “disciplinary consequences” should she violate the orders. DeJong, who was enrolled in SIUE’s Art Therapy program, filed a federal lawsuit against the school on Tuesday for violating her constitutional rights. Read more about her case here.


Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Players Refuse To Wear Pride Logo On Uniforms

A number of players for the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team refused to wear Pride logos on their uniforms during a “Pride Night” celebration at Tropicana Field for Pride Month. At least five players chose not to wear special uniforms citing “religious beliefs” and a difference in “lifestyle”. Jason Adams, a player not wearing the uniform said,  “A lot of it comes down to faith, to like a faith-based decision”. I think a lot of guys decided that it’s just a lifestyle that maybe — not that they look down on anybody or think differently — it’s just that maybe we don’t want to encourage it if we believe in Jesus.” Read more about the players decision here.


Ohio Lawmakers Pass Resolution Calling For Canada To Be Added To Federal Religious Freedom Watch List

This week, the Ohio House of Representatives approved a resolution asking the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom to add Canada to its watch list of countries where religious liberties are threatened. State Rep. Tim Ginter presented the legislation, saying Canadian lawmakers mishandled COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and targeted churches. “This resolution is not the result of a singular incident or even a handful of incidents. It’s a persistent pattern of religious rights violations that has driven us to this point,” Ginter said. The resolution passed along party lines with Republicans voting for it, Democrats voting against it. Read more about the resolution here.


Rats Trained To Carry Backpacks And Sniff Out Earthquake Survivors

Usually not known as a friend to man, rats are now getting a new purpose. Scientists are now training rats to rescue people trapped during earthquakes. The project is being worked on by research scientist Dr Donna Kean from Glasgow, Scotland. The rodents are being trained to be sent into earthquake debris wearing tiny backpacks outfitted with microphones so that rescue teams can talk to survivors. The rodents will get the chance to work in the field when they are sent to Turkey, which is prone to earthquakes, to work with a search and rescue team. So far, around seven rats have been trained to respond to beeping sounds. Read more about the project here.

News Of The Day – June 2nd

Family Of Josh Duggar Speaks Out After He Is Sentenced To Over 12 Years In Prison

Family members are speaking out after Josh Duggar, star of “19 Kids And Counting”, was sentenced to 12 years and seven months in federal prison on charges of possession of child pornography. Duggar’s brother, Jason Duggar, called the decision “fair.” Duggar’s sister, Jill Dillard, and her husband  said, “The last several weeks and months have been difficult emotionally. We are neither rejoicing nor disappointed by the sentence, but we are thankful it’s finally over.” Duggar was arrested in April 2021 after a Little Rock Police Department detective found child pornography files on a computer traced to Duggar. Read more about the sentence here. 


Pastor Tony Evans Says U.S. Is Facing God’s Judgement Because Christians Are Cultural Not Biblical

God is judging America. According to pastor and bestselling author Tony Evans, moral and societal issues are worsening across the United States because Christians are becoming more “cultural” than “biblical,” and the country is facing God’s judgment as a result. “Our identity is to be rooted in the Imago Dei, in the image of God. But we’ve gotten so ingrained in the thinking of the culture, that we wind up being parakeets to what the society is saying, rather than taking a solid, loving but clear stance on what God is saying,” said Evans.  He continued, “I think one of the things we’re facing now is the judgment on America because the failure of the Church to be the people of God that represents His Kingdom more than we represent the nation,” Read more of his thoughts here. 


Two Million Dollar Tabernacle Stolen And Angel beheaded In New York Catholic Church 

Police say someone has broken into the altar at a New York City church, stole a $2m gold relic and removed the head from a statue of an angel. The robbery occurred at St Augustine’s Roman Catholic church, known as the “Notre Dame” of Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. The church was closed for construction at the time. Camera recordings from the church’s security system were also stolen, the church’s pastor said. The diocese of Brooklyn called it “a brazen crime of disrespect and hate. A thief or thieves cut through a metal protective casing, apparently with a specialist saw, and made off with a tabernacle dating to the church’s opening in the 1890s. Read more about the theft here.


Pro-life Group To Counter Abortion Activists “Summer of Rage” With “Summer of Service”

A pro-life organization is gearing up for a “summer of service” to counter threats of a “summer of rage” by pro-abortion activists as the U.S. Supreme Court decides if it will overturn Roe v. Wade. Kristan Hawkins, the President of Students for Life of America (SFLA), says that her pro-life organization plans to counter the threat of violence with acts of service. Earlier this year, SFLA relaunched the program “Standing with You,” which helps pregnant women find resources and support on school campuses. It has also launched its “Abortion Free Cities” campaign in 22 U.S. cities. The campaign aims to spread awareness of pregnancy resources. SFLA is also introducing a digital and physical pledge program titled “Standing with Her Summer,” which will be distributed online. The program encourages people to pledge that they will support women dealing with unexpected pregnancies. Read more about the organization here.