News Of the Day – October 19th

17 Christian Missionaries Kidnapped In Haiti

An armed Haitian gang kidnapped 17 members of an Ohio-based missionary group, including five children. Sixteen members of the group are American citizens, and one is Canadian. The Ohio-based organization Christian Aid Ministries said the group was on its way home from helping to build an orphanage when they were taken. “We are seeking God’s direction for a resolution, and authorities are seeking ways to help,” the organization said in a statement.” Read more about the kidnapping here. 


Texas House Votes to Keep Transgender Girls Put Of Female Sports

A bill that would restrict transgender student athletes from playing on school sports teams that align with their gender identity is heading to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk after the Texas House accepted Senate amendments to the legislation in a 76-61 vote Sunday afternoon. Under HB 25, students would only be permitted to compete on sports teams that correspond to the gender listed on their birth certificate that was assigned at or near the time of birth. Conservatives say the law, which applies to public school teams through high school, are protecting fair competition. Read more about the bill here.


China Tests New Space Capability With Hypersonic Missile

China is signaling that a stunning new missile test that reportedly surprised U.S. intelligence officials was not designed to accelerate an arms race with the West but rather to grant Beijing a strategic advantage to seize control of the Taiwan Straits and other hotly contested territory in its region. American officials have expressed grave concern in recent months that China may move to retake control of Taiwan by force in the near future. Beijing considers the isolated democracy to be nothing more than a renegade province of the mainland’s government. Read more about the new missile here.


Woman Gives Birth To 14 Pound Baby

A family’s bundle of joy turned out a little bigger than they had expected. Cary and Tim Patonai welcomed their newborn son Finnley earlier this month, and he weighed 14.1 pounds. Patonai was 38 weeks pregnant when she gave birth at the Banner Thunderbird Medical Center in Glendale, Arizona. “He was so big plus I had almost double the amniotic fluid, so to say I had a big baby belly and that I was absolutely completely uncomfortable isn’t enough,” Patonai said. “However, I would do it all over again if I had to, to get this blessing.” Read more about this super sized baby boy here.

October 14th – News Of The Day

Research Shows Only 6 Percent of American Adults Have A Biblical Worldview 

George Barna, the senior research fellow for the Center for Biblical Worldview at the Family Research Council and the head of the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, says research his year shows that only 6 percent of American adults have a biblical worldview, even though 51 percent believe they do. “Part of that relates to the fact that evangelical churches in America do not teach the Bible as often or as deeply as used to be the case,” Barna said. “What America is struggling with the most is a worldview crisis. It’s the thing that drives all of these other difficulties that we have in America today.” Read more about his findings here.


Thieves Steal Church Bell

Rev Martin Faulkner said thieves targeted St Matthew’s in Withernsea, East Yorkshire, last Monday. Church staff reported the break-in but failed to realize damage to a pair of cellar doors was caused by the bell being dropped from 30ft above. It “didn’t occur to us to look up”, Rev Faulkner said. He said the bell, which is controlled electronically, “has a special place in the hearts of the Withernsea community”, having been rung every week to commemorate local people who died with Covid. Rev Faulkner said fixing the damaged doors and replacing the bell was expected to cost about $10,000. Read more about the theft here.


World Leaders Blame Social Media For Rise In Antisemitism

Participants at a Holocaust remembrance conference in Sweden blamed social media Wednesday for contributing to a global rise in antisemitism. Government and social media representatives attending the International Forum on Holocaust Remembrance in Malmo vowed to crack down on hate speech, disinformation and the denial of facts both online and off. Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said the company is “now removing 15 times more hate speech than we were just five years ago. And we are not going to stop.” Read more about the conference here.


Wildlife Officers Remove Tire From Elk’s Neck

For more than two years, wildlife officers tracked an elk that was spotted with a tire around its neck. Saturday, the elk was found and, at long last, it is free of the tire. Wildlife officers tranquilized the elk, sawed off its antlers and removed the tire that had been around its neck for half of its life, according to a statement from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. When they removed the tire, it was full of nearly 10 pounds of pine needles and dirt, but there was little damage to the elk’s neck, only a small wound and areas where hair had rubbed off slightly. Read more about the efforts here.


News Of The Day – October 12th

California Retailers Must Have A Gender Neutral Section Face Fines 

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Saturday signed Low’s legislation, Assembly Bill 1084, which will force large retailers to have non-gendered toy sections starting in 2024. The requirement will apply to retailers with 500 or more employees in California. Those failing to meet it starting on Jan. 1, 2024, will face a $250 fine for a first offense and $500 for any after that. Several business and conservative groups fought the bill becoming law. Read more about the new law here.


Superman’s Son Will Come Out As Bisexual

In furthering their “woke” agenda, On Monday, DC Comics announced that Jon Kent, Superman of Earth and son of Clark Kent and Louis Lane, will be coming out as bisexual in the newest issue of Superman: Son of Kal-El, the fifth in the series, to be released on Nov. 9. DC Comics made the announcement on National Coming Out Day, an annual LGBT awareness day started in the US. The move is outraging parents who say they will refuse to allow their children to read or purchase any comics from DC Comics any longer. Read more about the coming out of Superman’s son here.


NFL Wide Receiver Leaves To Follow The Voice Of God

Former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Austin Carr announced that he is “committed to following the voice of God” and will be retiring from the NFL. “After much prayer and consideration, I’ve decided that it’s time to turn the page on my career in the NFL,” Carr wrote. “It feels surreal to be moving on from this 20-year stint of lacing up the cleats every fall, but I’m committed to following the voice of God, and it has become clear that up ahead He has a new and exciting future prepared for my family and me.” Read more about his daring faith transition here.


Archeologists Discover Oldest Black Church

The brick foundation of one of the nation’s oldest Black churches has been unearthed at Colonial Williamsburg. The First Baptist Church was formed in 1776 by free and enslaved Black people. They initially met secretly in fields and under trees in defiance of laws that prevented African Americans from congregating. By 1818, the church had its first building in the former colonial capital. The 16-foot by 20-foot (5-meter by 6-meter) structure was destroyed by a tornado in 1834. Read more about this amazing discovery here. 

News Of The Day – October 7th

Temporary Block Placed On Texas Anti Abortion Law

A federal judge temporarily blocked Texas’ near-total abortion ban Wednesday as part of a lawsuit the Biden administration launched against the state over its new law that bars abortions as early as six weeks of pregnancy. The state of Texas quickly filed a notice of appeal and will almost definitely seek an emergency stay of the judge’s order.  Abortion providers in the state, who want the law struck down permanently, have said that with the restrictions lifted for now, abortions will be resumed as soon as possible. Read more about the court case here.


Christian Nurse Sues Hospital After Claims She Forced Out Of Job For Cross Necklace

Devout Christian Mary Onuoha claims she was forced out of her job of 18 years at Croydon University Hospital in London, because the crucifix was a health and safety risk. Onuoha, who wears the necklace as a symbol of her faith, says she was subjected to a campaign of harassment in which she was “treated like a criminal”, despite other religious staff members being allowed to wear jewelry, saris, turbans and hijabs. She says the situation escalated in August 2018 when bosses ordered her to remove the cross on the grounds that it breached the hospital dress code and was therefore a health risk to her and the patients. Read more about her lawsuit here.


6,000 People Receive Christ As Their savior At SoCal Harvest Event

Pastor Greg Laurie welcomed people to Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California Sunday for SoCal Harvest while others around the world enjoyed the event online. “We are all still rejoicing over what God did at the SoCal Harvest last Sunday night at Angel Stadium. The stadium was packed with people worshipping God,” Laurie wrote in a Facebook post. “My message title was, ‘What You Are Really Looking For.’ 40,000 were in the stadium and 200,000 watched online around the world. Best of all, 6,000 people made professions of faith, both in-person and online! To God be the Glory! Thank you all for your prayers!” Read more about the event here.


Doctors Help Critically Ill Pregnant Woman Survive and Save Her Baby

Earlier this year 37-year-old Candice Cruise, was given an explanation for why she was struggling with an increasingly worsening shortness of breath: she had a disease called pulmonary hypertension. But being 21 weeks pregnant, meant extra complications. So doctors sustained Cruise for weeks on a specialized life support mostly used for COVID-19 patients, all to hold off a necessary lung transplant long enough for a team to deliver her premature baby. Doctors are saying it’s a world first, and a wild ride for both the family and the team that gathered to see mother and child through it safely. Read more about this miracle mom and baby here.


News Of The Day – October 5th

Pat Robertson Stepping Down from Hosting The 700 Club

Controversial evangelical leader, Pat Robertson said on Friday that he was stepping down as host of the “The 700 Club” after more than 50 years at the helm of a program that broadcasted into millions of American homes and turned him into a household name. Robertson made the announcement on the 60th anniversary of the Christian Broadcasting Network, which Mr. Robertson started in a small station in Portsmouth, Va., in 1961. His son Gordon will be taking over. Read more about his retirement here.


Top Christian Facebook Pages Ran By Troll Farms

Nineteen of Facebook’s top 20 pages for American Christians were managed by Eastern European troll farms in 2019, internal documents show. According to Relevant Magazine, the groups are largely based in Kosovo and Macedonia and attempt to target American Christians with “provocative content.” The groups may have been part of a larger network that collectively worked to reach Americans. The Facebook study was conducted in the lead up to the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Read more about the findings here. 


Donald Trump Says Nobody Has Done More For Christianity Than Him

Looking for a possible presidential run in 2024, former president, Donald Trump, says no one has done more for Christianity than him while he was in the white house. Trump said he always prioritized evangelical Christian needs, saying he did, “So many different things, getting rid of the Johnson amendment, Mexico City policy, and we could go down a list of items.” He added that his successor Joe Biden and the Democrats had done “destructive” things to religion. Read more about his remarks here.


Dog rescued From 30 Foot Cavern

A group of friends who were exploring and looking for caves, came across the black-and-white dog and found him to be in a state of starvation after rappelling down into the pit. They then proceeded to take care in lifting him out. The dog named, Hawkeye, was missing for about two weeks so it was assumed by animal control that he fell into the pit very soon after he ran off. The cavers believe that the dog may have originally been caught by his collar on a branch as he fell, as there appeared to be scratch marks about halfway down the shaft. Read more about the rescue here.

News of the Day – September 30th

Biblical Archeologists Find Formation Resembling Noah’s Ark

Biblical archaeologists used ground penetrating radar to study a boat-like formation on Mount Tendürek in eastern Turkey, which has long been rumored to be the location of the legendary vessel from the Book of Genesis. But Geologists on the other hand claim the mountainous lump, which was discovered half a century ago, is simply an unusual rock formation. In the Book of Genesis, the mountains of Ararat in what is now eastern Turkey is the region in which Noah’s Ark comes to rest after the Great Flood – which is close to Mount Tendürek. Read more about the images here.


New Film Called The Jesus Music Hits Theaters October 1st

Featuring artists such as Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, TobyMac and Michael Tait, “The Jesus Music” is a documentary which tells the untold story of how Christian music became a worldwide phenomenon. The film shares some of the stories of popular contemporary Christian artists. This fascinating documentary reveals the music’s uplifting and untold story, from its humble beginnings at the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California, through its transformation into the multibillion-dollar industry of Christian contemporary music today. Read more about the film here.


Lutheran Pastor Goes On Fast Until Climate Change Bill Passed 

A Kenosha pastor has begun a fast until the passage of the federal climate bill being debated in the U.S. House and Senate. The Rev. Jonathan Barker, pastor of Grace Lutheran Church, started fasting on Saturday. Barker said, “As a Christian, I am called to be on the side of love for neighbor. Love for neighbor means making sure my neighbor has a livable future, a family-sustaining green job, clean air to breathe, and clean water to drink. In the words of Martin Luther, ‘Here I stand and I can do no other. So, I am praying and fasting that this love-your-neighbor-as-yourself bill passes.” Read more about his fast here.


Goodbye Kisses Jar Offers A Last Treat For Dogs Before They are Euthanized

An Alabama animal hospital’s bittersweet tradition is bringing tears to the eyes of those on the internet. Smiths Station Animal Hospital shared a photo showing a glass jar filled with Hershey’s kisses, with the outside of the jar labeled “goodbye kisses.” Along with the photo was the caption, “This jar is reserved for our euthanasia appointments… because no dog should go to Heaven without tasting chocolate.” Hospital staff said they have gotten messages from people from all over the world about how their post touched their hearts. Read more about the treats here.






News Of The Day – September 28th

Pastor Jessie Duplantis Claims Jesus Hasn’t Returned Due to Lack of Christian Giving

Long criticized for his teaching of a prosperity gospel, evangelical pastor, Jessie Duplantis, claims Jesus hasn’t returned to Earth because people aren’t donating enough cash to their churches. Speaking at a four day fundraiser, Duplantis said, “I honestly believe the reason why Jesus hasn’t come is because people are not giving the way God told them to give.” Duplantis then urged people to pick up their phones and call the number on screen where they could donate cash. Read more about his claim here. 


Scientists Say Sodom Destroyed By Meteor

A fireball exploded over the northern shore of the Dead Sea around 1650 BC, according to the findings of a team of 21 scientists. The explosion laid waste to the entire lower Jordan River Valley, ruining agriculture for several hundred years. The findings help solve the mystery of why one of the most productive agricultural regions suddenly died and remained barren for several hundred years. It also possibly offers a source to the biblical account of the destruction of the city of Sodom that was described in Genesis 19. Read more about the findings here.


Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Leaves Churches Liable For Abuse Suits

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA), sought bankruptcy protection in February 2020 in an effort to halt individual lawsuits and create a huge compensation fund for thousands of men who say they were molested as youngsters by scoutmasters or other leaders. Now there is worsening friction between the BSA and the major religious groups that help it run thousands of scout units. At issue are the churches’ fears that an eventual settlement, while protecting the BSA from future sex-abuse lawsuits, could leave many churches unprotected. Read more about the churches concerns here.


Dutch Diplomat Was Punished For saving Jews In The Holocaust

A new book tells the story of Jan Zwartendijk, honorary counsel of the Netherlands in Lithuanian who rescued perhaps 10,000 Jews from annihilation during the Holocaust by helping them get out of Europe.  Zwartendijk gave fleeing Jews destination visas to Curacao, then a Caribbean island colony of the Netherlands. Some of those rescued by Zwartendijk nicknamed him “the angel of Curacao.” He was helped by Japanese envoy, Chiune Sugihara. Read more about these brave men here.

News Of The Day – September 23rd

Southern Baptist Convention Mandates Covid-19 Vaccines For Missionaries

Truly wanting to protect others, and do no harm, the global agency of the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest evangelical Protestant denomination in the U.S., announced this month it is requiring vaccinations for missionaries going into the field amid the pandemic. “This is a very common-sense decision,” said Ed Stetzer, a Southern Baptist who is dean of Mission, Ministry and Leadership at Wheaton College. “Mission-sending agencies from the United States have the real opportunity to be vaccinated, and they’re going to places around the world that don’t.” Read more about the decision here.


Megachurch Charter Bus crash Injures Over 30

“We ask that you would continue to pray for each student and their families during this very difficult time,” David Ashcraft, senior pastor of Lives Changed By Christ Church in Lancaster County, is asking for prayers for the students and their families after a bus crash injured dozens. A church statement said that the bus was carrying 31 students and leaders and the driver, and that the buses were returning from a high school ministry retreat at Lake Champion, New York. The bus went off the right side of the road and onto the shoulder, then through a grassy area, crashing through a guardrail that divides the lanes, and about 50 yards into a wooded area before it stopped, still on its wheels. Read more about the accident here.


Pope Francis Declares He’s Still Alive Though Some Want Him Dead

Pope Francis has joked that some people in the Church hoped he would not survive his recent colon operation. Asked about his health by one of the Jesuits, Francis was quoted as replying: “Still alive. Although some people wanted me dead. I know that there were even meetings between prelates who thought that the Pope was in a more serious condition than was being said,” he added. “They were preparing the conclave (to elect a new pope). So be it. Thank God, I am well.” Francis, who was elected pontiff in 2013, underwent colon surgery on July 4, and spent 11 days in hospital. He has since resumed a full work schedule. Read more his remarks here.


Firefighters Saving Sequoia By Wrapping Tree In Blankets

The KNP Complex Fire in California, has now burned 23,743 acres and is 0% contained, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks said in an update Monday morning. The fire has grown by thousands of acres in each recent day. And now, to save he world’s largest tree, a sequoia named General Sherman, recently got a blanket to help protect it from a raging wildfire. The sequoia was wrapped with house-wrapping material, kind of an aluminum-foil fabric that goes around the base of the tree. A fire-resistant foil capable of withstanding 1,200°F. The September 9th “Windy Fire,” was started by a lighting strike, burned 25,000 acres in Peyrone Sequoia Grove and the Red Hill Grove before it converged on Sequoia National Park. Read more about the efforts here.







News Of The Day – September 21st

Megachurch Pastor Says There Is No Credible Religious Argument Against Covid Vaccines

Because a fetal cell line was used during the testing phase of covid vaccines, some Christians are reluctant to get vaccinated. But Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, says religious faith is no reason to not get vaccinated. Evangelical Christians, according to the Pew Research Center, are more likely to be anti-vaccine. But Jeffress recently said that “there is no credible religious argument against the vaccines,” adding in an email sent to the Associated Press that he and his staff “are neither offering nor encouraging members to seek religious exemptions from the vaccine mandates.” Read more about his position here.


SoCal Harvest Returning After Halt From Pandemic

One of the longest evangelistic events in the nation is returning. Pastor Greg Laurie, who leads Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, is hosting the event, SoCal Harvest, in person on October 3 in Anaheim at 7:00 pm PST. The annual Christian event will be making a return next month for the first time in two years after it was postponed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I’ve never in my entire life and ministry encountered more hearts awakened to the Gospel,” said Laurie. “I believe in the wake of the global pandemic we might be on the precipice of a great, global revival.” Read more about the event here.


Christian Magician Wins America Got Talent

Season 16 of America’s Got Talent came to a close on Wednesday, September 15 after Christian magician. Dustin Tavella was crowned the winner. Tavella gained popularity with tricks about family, hope and generosity. “This is what I was hoping for. This is what I was praying for.” said the magician. ‘I am so blessed.” Each of Tavella’s tricks had a theme. In Tavella’s final trick of the season, he urged the audience to be generous and told them that a “small act of kindness can go a really long way.” In recent years he and his wife, Kari, have been involved in homeless ministry and a crisis pregnancy ministry. Read more about his win here. 

Standing More Often Could Help Prevent Chronic Diseases

In a Finnish collaborative study, researchers noticed that standing is associated with better insulin sensitivity. Increasing the daily standing time may therefore help prevent chronic diseases. Insulin is a key hormone in energy metabolism and blood sugar regulation. Normal insulin function in the body may be disturbed, leading to decreased insulin sensitivity and increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Researchers have noticed that standing is associated with better insulin sensitivity. Increasing the daily standing time may therefore help prevent chronic diseases. Read more about the study here.





News Of The Day – September 16th

Bible Translator Marilyn Laszlo Passes Away At Age 88

A Bible translator who helped develop a written language for a Papua New Guinea village has died from Alzheimer’s near Valparaiso, Indiana. Laszlo spent 24 years living in the Hauna Village in Papua New Guinea. There, she formulated a written language and translated the Bible for the once-unreached Sepik Iwam people, starting by carving words into banana leaves. The ministry efforts she began in Hauna more than 50 years ago, including a church, school, and clinic, continue to this day. Read more about this woman of God here.


Rapper Pardoned By President Trump Receives Jesus As His Savior

Rapper Bill Kahan Kapri, popularly known by his stage name “Kodak Black,” was one of 73 people granted pardons by former President Donald Trump before he left office. Now the rapper has announced his acceptance of “Jesus as my Lord and Savior.” In 2019, Kapri was sentenced to nearly four years in prison for making a false statement in order to buy a firearm. He was serving His sentence when hevreceived the pardon. A number of religious leaders, including Pastor Darrell Scott and Rabbi Schneur Kaplan, also supported the pardon. Read more about his conversion here.


Religious Exemption Requests Spike After Vaccine Mandate

President Joe Biden has issued sweeping new vaccine mandates covering more than 100 million Americans, including executive branch employees and workers at businesses with more than 100 people on the payroll. Since then requests for opting out of the vaccine due to religious beliefs are on the rise. About 3,000 Los Angeles Police Department employees are citing religious objections to try to get out of the required COVID-19 vaccination. In Washington state, hundreds of state workers are seeking similar exemptions. Read more about the exemptions here.


Boy Raises Over $32,000 For Charity From Lemonade Stand

Wyatt Dennis, an 8-year-old Piedmont boy, set up a free lemonade stand that was a must-stop destination for many attending this year’s 81st Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. His free lemonade stand started off as a way for him to raise money for college and get himself a Lego set, but also included a way to give back to St. Jude’s Research Hospital. He earned that money and much more thanks to thousands of shares on social media and even national news. Because of the generosity of those who donated, Wyatt was able to give $31,394.50 to the hospital. Read more about this remarkable young boy here.