News Of The Day – October 8th

Chadwick Boseman’s Brother Shares Late Actor’s Last Prayer 

I love a good action hero movie, and one of my favorites is Black Panther. It introduced me to actor Chadwick Boseman, whose earlier work is fantastic as well. Sadly he lost his battle with colon cancer at the young age of 43. Yet through his trial his faith never waivered, and he remains an inspiration to us all. Read the beautiful prayer he prayed with his brother before he passed here.


GOP Senators Seek To Keep Louisiana Pastor From Prosecution

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many states closed down places of worship. In Louisiana, Pastor Tony Spell continued to hold services against the mandate of the Governor. Charged with several misdemeanor offenses, Republican state legislators are trying to pass a bill protecting those people who are exercising their religious freedom. Read more about the ongoing fight here.


Hurricane Delta Barreling Toward Gulf Coast

The hits keep coming in 2020. This seems to be a particularly active hurricane season. In fact 2020 has seen so many storms, all letters of the alphabet have been used up and now the National Hurricane Center has moved on to the Greek alphabet. Many prayers are needed for a region already hit hard. Follow the projected path of the storm here.


Police officers help Celebrate veteran’s 100th Birthday

With the calls for defunding the police, and the attacks on law enforcement everywhere, its nice to  hear a good story involving local police officers. Oklahoma police dropped in on veteran Raymond Duncan who was celebrating becoming an centenarian. Read more about this special birthday here. 

News Of The Day – October 7th


Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Hearing Will Begin next Monday

Despite the recent cluster of covid-19 cases running through the white house, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says its full steam ahead with Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing. Scheduled to begin Monday, if Barrett does indeed receive Senate confirmation, it would mark the third Justice appointed by President Trump. Read more about this unprecedented nomination here.


Chinese Christian Bookseller Given Seven year Prison Sentence

It’s easy to take for granted the freedoms we have here in the United States. And one such freedom is our ability to go into a bookstore and purchase a Bible, or any other literature about God and His Word. But in China, Christians face persecution daily from the Chinese Communist Party. Read about one such Christian charged with “illegal business operations” here. 


2,000 Year Old Jewish Ritual Bath Discovered

I’ve always loved archeology. And its particularly exciting when discoveries are unearthed about ancient Israel. This bath was uncovered in the Galilee region. Also known as a “mikveh”, the bath was found among the ruins of an ancient Jewish farmstead. Read more about this exciting discovery and what it taught archeologists about Israel’s people here.  


College Student Who Collected Garbage Headed to Harvard Law School

Talk about an inspirational story! This 18 year old saw his mother leave the family, and the country, at age eight. He selflessly put aside his own needs to help support his father and brother. And even though he worked as a garbage man, he says the job was one of the highlights of his life. Read more about this amazing young man, his trials, and his success here.

News Of The Day – October 6th

Anne Graham Lotz Calls For Repentance

It’s hard not to recognize the correlation between the chaos in the United States, and the rejection of God by its people. Evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of the late Reverend Billy Graham, is calling for nationwide repentance, and a return to the Lord. She reminds us that the more we reject God, the lower His hedge of protection over our country goes. Read more about her plea to America here.


Will rekindled negotiations between Israel and Lebanon weaken Hezbollah?

Between Covid 19 and the election, we don’t seem to hear much about the current peace treaties happening in the middle east. And now after 30 years, Israel and Lebanon have agreed to begin negotiations. Would this alliance weaken the control Hezbollah has over Lebanon? Would it improve the lives of the people in both countries? Read more about this middle east breakthrough here.


Revival Or Revolution? Is there another option?

I have always been taught that before the Rapture there would be a great revival of Christianity. Yet the current climate in America seems ripe with just the opposite…revolution. Never before have our differences seemed so wide and so many. So which is it? Is America on the brink of revival or revolution? Col. Tim Moore, Associate Evangelist at Lamb & Lion Ministries, wrote a great article on the subject and included guidelines for end time living. You can read more on his thoughts here.


Grandpa Leaves A Free Bucket of Baseballs With Touching Note

We all have old things laying around the garage that we no longer use. When this Alabama man found an bucket of old baseballs in his, he donated them to his local batting cage with a note that will bring tears to your eyes. And the generosity of his blessing to others lead to him receiving a blessing himself. Read more about this beautiful example of paying it forward here.








News of the Day – October 5th

Filmmaker to Make new Cinematic Audio Bible Featuring Hundreds of Voice Actors

When my Grandmother began showing signs of her dementia, one of the most heartbreaking things was when she lost her ability to read and understand the Bible. But through the mercy of God, when she listened to an audio version, His message came through loud and clear. So when I heard about this new audio Bible featuring a new “3D sound” read by voice actors I was super excited. A wonderful way to bring the Word of God to life to all. Read more about this exciting project here.


Christians Call For Prayer

I’m sure, like me, you were both shocked and saddened by the recent news of the President and First Lady contracting Covid-19. Romans 13:1 tells us that all leaders are put in their positions of authority by God Himself. And as such, regardless of our political difference, now is the time to for all Christians to come together in prayer for our leader. Read how Christians around the country all calling for prayer here.


Dr. Charles Stanley Is Retiring

One of my favorite pastors of all-time is Dr. Charles Stanley. His teachings on the Bible have not only touched my heart and life, but millions of others as well. After more than 50 years at the first Baptist Church in Atlanta, Dr. Stanley is stepping down as senior pastor. Something tells me that retirement wont slow his zeal for God and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read more about his future plans here.


89-Year-Old Pizza Man Fights Back Tears As Strangers Surprise Him With $12,000 Tip

With all the bad news you hear about the app “TikTok” lately, it’s nice to hear a good story coming from social media. Users of the app chipped in to raise money for this senior pizza delivery man. In today’s current climate, it’s nice to see the spirit of generosity bringing people together. The gratitude shown by this Papa John’s employee will touch even the hardest of hearts. Read more about this inspiring story here.