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looking for a 3 minute pick me up?

Head on over to our YouTube channel to check out the latest weekly “Sip of the Word,” a 3 minute devotional dedicated to the teachings of the Bible. 

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Stop searching the web for the happenings around the world. We have the most recent Christian stories all in one place, with a few feel good stories thrown in to start your day with a smile.

There's no better way to start your morning than with The Lord.

Arm yourself for the day ahead by spending a few moments with Jesus. Make these devotionals a part of your daily routine, letting the love of God open your heart and mind.

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Our goal as Christians is to nurture our deep and abiding faith in the Lord. We can do this by digging into the Bible and studying what the word of God says. 

grandmothers are heaven sent.

Nothing compares to a grandmother’s love. Mine was not only a woman of great faith; she delighted in sharing her love of Christ through poetry. Find a collection of her works here.