Daily Devotional

November 25th – 1 Peter 4:12

1 Peter 4:12

Through an intense and transformative force, fire removes impurities from precious metals. Such are the intense trials we face in life. If we let them, they have the ability to purify our hearts, strengthen our resolve, and deepen our reliance on God. But the purification process is hard, and often times painful. Yet even though Jesus tells us trials are inevitable, He also tells us we don’t suffer in vain. That’s why we can endure any challenge grounded in hope. Because we know our trials become a refining fire, shaping our character and deepening our faith. Through the refining flames of adversity, our impurities are burned away. Impurities like doubt, fear, and self reliance. Like a precious gem, we become beautifully purified. Shining with a renewed strength and enduring faith. This turns trials from stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Ones that let us embrace challenges with a hopeful and enduring spirit. For each one comes with the great purpose of shaping us into the glorious image of our Savior!

November 24th – Psalm 33:18

Psalm 33:18

Just as an anchor secures a boat in the midst of turbulent waters, anchoring to God provides stability and security in the difficulty of life’s challenges. Anchored to God keeps us grounded in unwavering faith and divine principles, and prevents us from drifting away from the Lord. But to be so grounded in the Lord means cultivating a deep reverence for all God is, does, and blesses us with daily. It involves acknowledging His sovereignty and cherishing the hope found in His steadfast love. As we navigate life’s challenges, this awareness becomes a source of enduring strength. Our hope is not in our own capabilities or in the uncertainties of the world but in the constancy of God’s love. This invites us to place our trust in the Lord, embracing the assurance that His loving gaze sustains and empowers us to endure, regardless of the circumstances we face. Being anchored to God stabilizes the soul, providing a firm foundation for navigating the unpredictable seas of life. It’s a grounding force that provides stability, strength, and a sense of purpose.

November 23rd – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

1 Thessalonians 5:18

I love the quote, “In the tapestry of gratitude, a thankful heart stitches the threads of hope, weaving a resilient fabric that withstands life’s challenges.” That’s why this verse in 1 Thessalonians resonates especially during the Thanksgiving holiday. Because it emphasizes the profound connection between hope, endurance, and gratitude. As we gather with thankfulness in our hearts, Paul reminds us to give thanks not only for the blessings but also during challenges. This makes giving thanks a transformative act, cultivating a spirit of hope that perseveres through difficulties. This act of expressing gratitude serves as a powerful reminder that even in the middle of trials, God’s sovereignty is at work. And through a lens of thankfulness, we can find the strength to endure, trusting that our hope is anchored in God. The Thanksgiving holiday, then, becomes a wonderful opportunity to align our hearts with the will of God, fostering enduring hope through a posture of gratitude in all circumstances.

November 22nd – Proverbs 23:18

Proverbs 23:18

When we’re in the midst of a storm it can be hard to see past the black clouds to the clear skies ahead. But that’s what Solomon encourages us to do. To look beyond our present circumstances, believe in the promises of God, and know that the trial we’re facing isn’t the final chapter. For we serve an omniscient God. One who sees the storm from beginning to end, and walks beside us through every one. This gives us the hope and endurance we need to keep moving forward. To focus on the wonderful future shaped by God’s faithfulness. By trusting in His plans, we build a foundation for enduring challenges with resilience. For our hope is anchored in something greater than momentary trials. And we can approach challenges with a steadfast belief that God’s purposes will prevail. Filling us with a peace beyond human comprehension. (Phil. 4:7) And one that inspires an enduring hope that transcends the ebb and flow of life, and leads to a triumphant future.

November 21st – Acts 16:31

Acts 16:31

Paul and Silas show just how great of an impact a heart of hope and endurance can have. And not just in our own personal resilience, but in reaching and transforming the lives of others. How worship in challenging times isn’t just something we do, but a powerful declaration of faith. One that knocks the Devil off his feet, and can inspire and touch the lives of those around us. Having a heart of hope and endurance serves as a beacon through the darkness, guiding us into the light of God’s goodness. In the midst of trials, it illuminates a path of hope and resilience, leading us to a deeper understanding of God’s unwavering presence and love. As we lift our hearts in worship, even in the darkest of times, it not only lifts our own spirits but also becomes a light for others. Through our hope and endurance, we share the radiance of God’s goodness. Inviting others to witness the transformative power of faith in the midst of challenges, ultimately becoming a source of endurance and hope for those around us.

November 20th – Luke 21:19

Luke 21:19

In a world where Christianity is under attack, it can be hard to stand firm in our faith. Especially when it causes a separation between us and the world, including family and friends. Yet Jesus encourages to do just that. To stand firm in our convictions and endure with unwavering faith. No matter how hard, or how dark the day. That means putting all our trust in God and persevering through trials. Because enduring faith, grounded in the Lord, leads to a victorious and abundant life, both now and more importantly, in the life to come. Jesus promises that those who endure faithfully, will receive the ultimate prize of eternal life in God’s presence. What greater treasure could there be? What greater joy than to win an eternity spend with the Lord? That’s why we have great hope. Because we know our steadfastness in faith is not in vain. And will result in a life that transcends the challenges of this world, and will result in a glorious reward!


November 19th – Psalm 76:4

Psalm 76:4

The world today is in great need of hope. Everywhere we turn, we are inundated by news of tragedy, horror, and violence. As in the days of Noah, (Luke 17:26-27) people are openly sinning against God with no fear of the consequences. And although Christians around the world are sounding the alarm of the Lord’s soon return, the world mocks the message and the messengers.  Yet as the world spins out of control, and people panic over the darkened days, we as followers of Christ have all we need to lead lives of encouragement and joy. For as Job 11:18 reminds us, “You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety.” The Lord is our source of illumination, a light that shines in the midst of darkness. Our mighty mountain of strength and stability in which we can place our hope. His glorious nature surpasses even the most magnificent of mountains. And His majesty shines in the richness of His supreme authority, infinite wisdom, and divine splendor.

November 18th – Hebrews 10:36

Hebrews 10:36

When Abraham was 75 years old, God promised to make him a great nation. The years came and went, and as each one passed no fulfillment of God’s promise came. But instead of giving up, Abraham endured and, “believed in the Lord.” (Gen. 15:6) Finally, at the age of 100, Abraham received the son he had waited for, his beloved Isaac. But then God asked the impossible. He wanted Abraham to sacrifice his son. I can’t even begin to imagine the confusion and sorrow Abraham felt because of God’s request. Regardless, Abraham continued to trust and place his hope in the Lord. And even though he didn’t understand, Abraham endured and obeyed. And because of his obedience, God blessed Abraham, and the world, mightily. What if God asked you to sacrifice what you love the most? Could you do it obediently and without hesitation? God wanted Abraham, and each of us, to learn to wait, trust, and hope in Him no matter what He asks of us. And when we do, God promises to bless our obedience greatly!

November 17th – Psalm 138:7

Psalm 138:7

I love the idea of God extending His loving arms around us forming a protective hedge of safety. With one hand He inspires us with the gift of hope. A radiant light that illuminates even the darkest corners of our journey. And with the other God imparts endurance. A resilient strength that fortifies us through trials, empowering us to press forward when the path is challenging. Together, God’s hands craft a harmonious shield of protection. One offering the power of hope to lift our spirits and the steadfast endurance to weather the storms. God is our great stronghold. No enemy can stand against His will nor breach His wall. This gives us the grace and strength to navigate life’s complexities with unwavering faith. We can face any and all trouble knowing God promises to preserve us. And with each step, God’s ever present hands guide us towards a future infused with hope and sustained by enduring grace.

November 16th – Galatians 6:9

Galatians 6:9

In his letter to the early church in Galatia, Paul uses a parallel between the diligence of farmers and the endurance required in our spiritual journey. Much like farmers who toil in the fields, working and patiently waiting for the harvest season, we are urged not to grow weary in doing good while we wait for God’s great harvest. The apostle uses the comparison to underscore the importance of perseverance and patience for both. Just as farmers trust that their labor will eventually yield a bountiful harvest, we too are called to maintain hope and endurance in our faith journey. Being fully assured that our efforts in living according to God’s principles will bear fruit at the appointed time. Paul also encourages us to emulate the steadfastness of farmers, who continue working the fields despite challenges. To apply that same resilience in our spiritual lives, trusting that in due season, our faithful endurance will lead to a harvest of blessings and fulfillment.