October 7th – Daniel 12:3

Oct. 7 – Daniel 12:3

Living in the country affords me the opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful starry nights. There’s nothing quite like gazing up at the glow from a million stars and getting lost in the expanse. When we walk in obedience with the Lord and have the light of Jesus inside of us, we shine as brightly as the night sky. And when we lead others to Christ, we shine with the brilliance of a star. Are you shining brightly for the Lord? Is your life a beacon lighting the path to Jesus for those lost in the darkness?


2 thoughts on “October 7th – Daniel 12:3”

  1. I am shining as brightly as I can, knowing that He is working on turning this corroded penlight without batteries into a lighthouse. I will never be the source of the light – just a reflector, counting on Him to point me in the right direction.

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