June 28th – Matthew 24:22

Matthew 24:22

At the end of the age, before Jesus comes to set up His earthly kingdom, evil will reign. Sadly, hearts will be hardened and rebellion and lawlessness will rule. God says this will be the most terrible and bloody time the world has ever known. Imagine that! The wars, famines, plagues, genocides, and natural disasters that have happened in the past are nothing compared to the devastation to come. The wicked and their lust for blood and destruction, cause so many deaths, that unless God intervenes, not one single person will survive. But even up until the very end, God demonstrates His great love and mercy. For in His unmerited grace, God has numbered the days of destruction. Because of His devotion to His elect on the earth, He cuts those terrible days short and gathers them unto Himself for eternity!

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