September 28th – Deuteronomy 16:13

Deuteronomy 16:13

Because it was held after the harvest, the Feast of Tabernacles, or booths, (also know as Sukkot), was a time for great rejoicing for the Israelites. The people dwelled in temporary shelters, or “booths”, to remind them of God’s abundant provision and never ending faithfulness. And it’s a reminder for us as well. For forty years, during the Exodus, God faithfully cared for His people. He brought them safely out of Egypt and the hands of their enemies, delivering them to the promised land. And during the trip, the people dwelled with God and He with them. And like the Israelites, we can rejoice over God’s faithful provision in our own lives. Because as we wander through the wilderness of life, God preserves and protects us each step of the way. One day soon, Jesus will return to deliver us to our eternal promised land. And we will dwell with Him and He with us forever!

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