October 14th – Matthew 18:6

Matthew 18:6

We all have a spiritual walk, and are in different places on the path of faith. And as children of God, our Father expects us to help each other make the trek to becoming mature Christians. While it’s true that we all stumble, God gives us an extra warning against causing a fellow believer to fall into sin. In fact, Jesus says it would better to be drowned in the sea, than face Him and the consequences for making a fellow brother or sister fall in faith. So in light of the seriousness, we need to be extra careful . Careful about the examples we set, the words we say, and the teachings we share. We should be constantly aware of the weakness of others, and never encourage them to act in a way that the Bible specifically prohibits. God calls us to builders of faith, not demolition crews. Brightly shining lights on the path to righteousness, so that others following don’t lose their way.

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