November 18th – Isaiah 55:12

Isaiah 55:12

Even though the Israelites were in captivity in Babylon, God promised His people that they would once again taste the goodness of joy. A promise He makes to us as well. For even though we live in the captivity of sin, one day we too will walk in freedom. Because of the great fall of man, barrenness, thorns, and fruitlessness resulted. But one glorious day, God will restore all of His creation to its former glory. He will remove the curse of decay and ruin. Everything will shine from the beauty of God’s glory, including us. We too will be restored, never again suffering death. Instead we will delight ourselves in the Lord’s abundance. And the joy felt will be great! So great that even the mountains, hills, and trees, will break forth with shouts of joy and clapping. So give thanks to the Lord for His gift of restoration born out of His great love!

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