December 31st – Romans 8:18

Romans 8:18

Today is the last day of the year. And as we reflect on the happenings of 2021, many are more than ready to say goodbye. Yet the same things we are so eager to be rid of, will undoubtedly follow us into 2022. But we needn’t fear. For the Savior we celebrate at Christmas is the same One who will safely carry us into the new year ahead. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. We all, Christians included, will have rough times. But whatever circumstances the new year holds, we know the Lord has a purpose in them. And His glory will shine through each one. I love how Dr. Charles Stanley says, “God’s blessings are worth the sacrifice and obedience. And we cling in hope to the Lord with eager expectation for the rewards that accompany our faith.” So as we venture into the unknown of the new year, we can have confidence knowing we won’t be venturing alone. Happy New Year!

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  1. A very good friend of my suffered a double loss on Christmas day. Her grandmother (80) and her husband’s grandfather (87) both passed on Christmas morning. Both had been taken off life support the week before. When talking with her, she was sad, but blessed by having both in her life for so many years and knowing that both were with God. I felt the same when each time when my parents and both sisters died over a span of 37 years. The wonderful thing about this is that every time I sit down to write and think of them, they are in the room with me. God’s gift to us is our comfort with are long-lost family ehen they accompany us in our hearts. We are all blessed by God.
    Happy New Year, dear friend; I enjoy your posts.

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