January 13th – Matthew 6:25

Matthew 6:25

For the past two hears, humanity has been involved in the turmoil of the pandemic. And the anxiety it’s caused has taken its toll in the lives of so many people! But we cannot let it oppress us nor enslave us! For there is a solution. And in God’s Word, Jesus taught His followers, who were also dealing with oppression, the steps to follow. Yes we should stop being worried, uneasy, and distracted. You might say it is easier said than done, but when you realize WHO you are putting your trust in, than you can freely rest on Him and put ALL your confidence in your Heavenly Father!

When we are worried and anxious about the material things of life we behave like pagans. Like idol worshippers, we set our trust on our own efforts and set out hearts on our needs. But our Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need, and in the exact time He will provide. But we need to trust Him enough to let go. What is distracting you from receiving the blessings of His Provision for each aspect of your life? Blessings, Mari

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