January 25th – Isaiah 30:21

Isaiah 30:21

Trying to discern God’s perfect plan for our life can make us anxious at times. We’ve prayed. We’ve weighed the pros and cons, sought the advice of others and still we’re not certain. What then? It’s those times we need to remember that God loves us! And He wants us to lean on Him. This includes listening for His voice directing us at all times. For God has a plan to get us there if we are obedient and willing to follow His leading. He knows the way and clearly sees the path ahead, knows the stumbling blocks that will try to trip us up, and wants to guide and help us get through even the darkest valleys. The answer hasn’t always come right away and definitely not in the same ways each time, but it has always come! Which is why I believe God is more interested in teaching me to lean on and listen to Him in times of indecision. If we are truly seeking His path, we can rest assured that we will hear and follow, so let’s not forget to enjoy the journey together. 

Blessings, Sue

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