February 5th – Psalm 73:28

Psalm 73:28

Do you ever get frustrated trying always to do the right thing only to see the wicked prosper? Asaph, who was a mighty worship leader, felt the same. And he too wondered if walking with God was really the route to happiness. Christianity isn’t an easy path to follow. And when we see the sinful living joyfully and well, our human nature can fall into the temptation of wanting to live the same. But as Asaph realized, growing closer to God is always the path to victory. For unlike unbelievers, we have a mighty fortress, a place of refuge, and a rock of salvation in the Lord our God. And there is no better place to be than sheltered in Him. And so like Asaph we too can declare, “it is good for me to draw near to God.” We can trust in the Lord for our safety and declare boldly all of God’s marvelous works!

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