April 27th – Romans 6:1-7

Romans 6:1-7

‭‭When Christ was crucified, He broke the dominion of sin over man. Now as believers, although sin may vex us, it will not dominate us. Because when Christ was resurrected, we were also spiritually resurrected. At the moment we receive Christ as our Savior, God goes to work on our fleshly heart of stone. He begins molding it into one that is alive and pulsing with desire to glorify Him. No longer do we desire to continue walking in sin. It’s a process of surrender, and a process that can be accomplished by God alone. Everyday He is at work within our circumstances, emotions, experiences and deepest desires. And it’s our job to let Him do His. This may require hard times and struggles, but God will prevail. He will dig out and uproot every enticement of sin in our lives, giving us victory over each one!

Blessings, Becky

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