May 31st – Romans 13:1

Romans 13:1

With the midterm elections coming up, tragic mass shootings, inflation, and gas prices, our country is in political turmoil more than ever. So how are we as Christian’s to respond? When it comes to our leaders, the apostle Paul tells us we are to submit. Because those in power are put there by the power of God. And honoring the Lord means living in submission to the authority He has placed over us. Yet that doesn’t mean we are always to obey. When the apostles were commanded by the Council in Jerusalem to stop preaching the gospel they refused saying, “We must obey God rather than man,”  (Acts 5:27-29) The Bible is clear. We are to be law abiding citizens, unless those in authority want us to go against God’s will. And always be praying that our leaders make decisions based on the will of God.

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