Eve – Punished But Not Forsaken

The story of Eve

The sun was just beginning to rise as Eve strolled through the garden looking for something to eat. The morning dew glistened off the flower petals as the birds sang their good morning tune. Drinking in the fragrance of the air Eve thought, “What a perfectly glorious day!” Then, from the corner of her eye, she spied a very ripe and ruby colored pomegranate. And as she reached out to grab it, there was a rustle in the grass beside her.

Eve looked down and saw a serpent who had positioned himself on a rock to bask in the sunshine. Eyeing the fruit in her hand, with a low hiss the serpent asked, “Isn’t it true that God doesn’t want you eating from the trees of the garden?” “Not true at all!”, exclaimed Eve. “God allows us to eat freely of every fruit! Well…. except the fruit from that one,” she said pointing to a large tree in the middle of the garden. “But that’s God’s special tree. And not only can’t we eat from it, we can’t even touch it. Because if we do, we shall surely die!”

“Ha!”, cried the serpent. “You won’t die! God only tells you that to keep you away. Because He knows if you eat its fruit you’ll become like God Himself, knowing good and evil.” Eve rolled his wicked words around in her mind, and for the first time, she began to doubt the goodness of God. The fruit it so temptingly dangled truly was beautiful to behold, and Eve could almost taste its sweetness. Why would God withhold such a delight? Surely it must be good to eat, and wouldn’t her Father be pleased at her desire for wisdom? So Eve pulled the fruit from its branch, and ran back to her husband.

Finding Adam, she broke off a two pieces of the forbidden fruit. Handing one to her husband, Eve quickly gobbled up the other. The taste was like nothing she had experienced. But instead of the glorious sweetness she expected, the fruit filled her with the bitterness of shame and guilt. She felt dizzy, nauseous, and threw the remaining fruit on the ground. She looked at her husband in desperation and was horrified to see him staring back her with the same bewildered look. Both of them truly seeing each other’s nakedness for the first time, ran and hid amongst the trees. And gathering together a few fig leaves, they fashioned themselves some coverings.

While they were trying to process what was happening to them, they heard God walking in the garden. But instead of joyfully rushing into the arms of their Father as they usually did, they continued hiding. It was only when they heard God shout out, “Adam where are you?”, that her husband, afraid and ashamed, came, with Eve in tow, to face God and confess what they had done.

With her head hung in shame, Eve couldn’t bring herself to look at God. She knew the disappointment and sadness in His eyes were more than she could bear. Her Father had given her everything, and this was how she repaid Him. Oh how she wished she could turn back time and undo her great mistake. The sorrow in her heart filled her eyes with tears. And as they ran down her cheeks, Eve tasted for the first time, the salty bitterness of regret.

God’s punishment was swift and severe. They were banished from the garden. Forever banned from its life of ease, beauty, and perfect peace. There would be no more walks with God in the cool of the morning, nor shielding from the sting of death.

As Eve walked out the garden towards her new life of toil, she took one look back at the paradise lost to her forever. Even though there was pain and remorse in her heart, there was also hope. She turned and smiled gently at Adam. “What is there to smile about?” he asked his wife. Taking his hand and placing it on her belly where a new life was growing inside her Eve replied, “Because even though God has punished us, He hasn’t forsaken us.”

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