Rebekah – Saying Yes To God No Matter The Cost

As Rebekah hurried to bring the freshly prepared dishes to the dinner guests, she couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between the servant and her father, Bethuel. The gold bracelets on her wrists the servant had given her, clinked together as she placed the plate of smoked fish on the table. Rebekah admired the way they glistened in the candle light. And she listened as the welcomed servant told her father of the marriage proposal.

Rebekah’s day had been nothing out the ordinary. So how could she have predicted that a regular evening trip to the watering well, would change her life forever? But change it did. And all because she offered a stranger a drink.

Rebekah’s  thoughts drifted back to a few hours before when she first happened upon the thirsty stranger. Her parents had raised her to have a servant’s attitude and a kind heart. So when she offered the stranger a drink, and to also water his camels, she thought nothing of it. But to this man, who introduced himself as the servant of Abraham, it meant everything!

For as the servant explained, he was on a mission for his master and had asked God for a sign. Rebekah was that sign! The man presented the girl with expensive golden jewelry, and Rebekah ran back to show her family. Returning to the well, Rebekah brought with her Laban, her brother. Laban invited the stranger and his entourage for a meal and lodging, and the group sat around the table where the servant revealed his assignment.

Rebekah’s thoughts were jolted back to the present when she heard the servant speak her name. She could hardly believe her ears! This messenger of Abraham wanted Rebekah to marry her uncle’s son, Isaac! The Isaac! Rebekah felt a twinge of excitement, because Isaac was a bit of a celebrity. For they had all heard the story of the great promise God had made to Abraham, and how that promise was fulfilled when, at 91, Sarah gave birth to their beloved son. And now God himself had chosen Rebekah to be Isaac’s bride!

The commotion of it all caught up to Rebekah and she felt a bit dizzy. She sat down to collect her breath and her thoughts. Her father and brother agreed to Abraham’s proposal, and they carried on eating and drinking, celebrating late into the night. And when Rebekah finally crawled into bed, fear crept in as she realized the enormity of the change she was about to face.

The next morning the servant and his men were ready to return to Abraham. Yet Rebekah’s family were reluctant to let her leave, asking for few more days. But when the servant declined, all eyes turned to Rebekah. This young girl who only a day before was living a simple, carefree life, now had a momentous decision to make. Would she leave everything she knew and everything she loved to step out in faith? Would she obey God leaving her future and the unknown to Him? After saying a silent prayer, Rebekah nodded her small head and replied, “Yes. I will go now with this man.”

As the caravan left the city, Rebekah settled in for the long journey ahead. Although she was filled with the sadness of leaving everything behind, she also had resolve. For Rebekah trusted in the promises of God, His goodness, and His love, no matter what.

God rewarded Rebekah’s obedience. For what she didn’t know was that in a field far away, there was a man waiting. A great man of God who would love, honor, and cherish her, and whose heart she would heal. Although Isaac and Rebekah faced challenges throughout their lives, God remembered them. And He blessed the couple with sons who both became leaders of great nations.

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