October 27th – Romans 8:16-17

Romans 8:16-17

God’s Promise – “Jesus is happy to share His inheritance with you.”

We’ve all heard the saying, “you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family.” But God in His goodness gives us the chance to do just that. Because once we choose to receive Jesus as our Savior, we become adopted heirs into God’s family. His beloved children reborn through the blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit who comes to indwell us, testifies before the Lord that we are His. And we receive the great privilege of calling God, “Abba, Father!” Better still, we become joint heirs with Jesus to all the glories of God’s kingdom! Our Father in heaven never intended for us to walk through this life alone. That’s why He created families. And He longs for each of us to join His. To receive His perfect love, comfort, and guidance. God invites us to climb unto His lap, and rest in the arms of a loving Father. The One who gave His only begotten Son to offer adoption papers to the world!

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