News Of The Day – January 4th

Online Hymnal Sites Have become Popular Due To Covid-19

Singing the old bible hymns is an important part of the church service. But now due to the closing of places of worship, and the banning of singing, Christian’s have found a new way to hear their favorite hymns. Hymnary.org, an online hymn and worship music database, says users of the online database has doubled nearing 40 million page views for 2020, its highest ever. Read more about the website here.


Thousand Take To The Streets In Argentina To Celebrate Abortion

In a sad display of celebration for killing the unborn, thousands to took to the streets in Argentina. Previously, abortion was legal only in cases of rape or if the mother’s health was in danger. But now a new law legalizes abortion through the 14th week of pregnancy. After the vote, President Fernández tweeted: “Today, we’re a better society, which widens women’s rights and guarantees public health.” Read more about the decision here.


Billy Graham Book Gets A Reprinting

In his 1981 book, Till Armageddon, Billy Graham examined the issue of suffering. Now in a year filled with its own suffering, loss, and tragedy, the late evangelist’s publishers thought this would be an especially appropriate time to reprint it, but with a new title, Who’s In Charge Of A World That Suffers? Graham’s son, Franklin is quoted as saying, “This book, I think, is just tailor-made for the problems that we are facing today.” Read more about the book and where you can get it here.


Teacher Laid Off After Twenty years Gets Winning Lottery Ticket

Joe Camp was a preschool teacher for 20 years in North Carolina before losing his job. Then a month later, his father died. Every Thursday, Camp buys two scratch off lottery tickets and this time his luck paid off. Camp was a winner of a 250,000 dollar jackpot. He took the lump sum payout of $176,876 after paying state and federal taxes. He plans to buy a new home for him and his daughter, as well as save for her education. Read more about his big win here.

January 10th – Psalm 66:20

Psalm 66:20

I love how psalm 66 starts out with songs of praise to God for His glory, greatness, and works. Oh how easy it is to sing such wonderful songs when we feel surrounded by God’s glory. Those times we experience a spiritual, physical, and emotional closeness with Him. Usually it’s due to a received blessing, answered prayer, or a need fulfilled. We feel as if we’re walking on a cloud. Our hearts are filled with the joy, comfort, and warmth of fellowshipping with our Lord. And in our thankfulness we swear to never again forsake God, vowing to faithfully follow His will. Then life goes on, and it’s business as usual. And slowly our focus wanders away from the Lord. But the joyful news is this. No matter how much we forget or reject God, He never does the same in kind. Never will our Heavenly Father withhold His precious love, time, or attention. Nor ever turn a deaf ear to our prayers.

News Of The Day – September 8th

Zambian Christians celebrate The Bible Being translated Into Their Native Tongue

In yet another sign we are living in the last days, Christians in Zambia, Africa, are celebrating the latest milestone in Bible translation, the creation of Bibles written in their native tongues. by Wycliffe Associates, an organization that offers Bible translations in countless languages. Currently, over 5,000 people are working in Zambia to translate the Bible into 20 native languages. Believers in Mansa, Zambia, were reportedly dancing after they got to read and listen to the reading of the New Testament in Aushi, their native language, for the first time. Read more about the translation here.


Christian School Apologizes For Baptizing 100 Children Without Notifying Parents

Northwood Temple Academy, a Christian school in Fayetteville, North Carolina, baptized 100 students last week without telling parents what was happening. The head of the school, Renee McLamb, apologized to parents via an email later that night. She said that students were involved in “Spiritual Emphasis Week,” which basically involved a few short chapel services. However three scheduled baptisms turned into 100. McLamb said that most of the parents that contacted her were glad, but some were unhappy with the move because some of the children were already baptized. Read more about the controversial action here.


Christian teacher Jailed For Refusing To Use Gender Neutral Pronoun

A teacher in Ireland was jailed this week for violating a court order forbidding him from going to the school where he works, after he was put on administrative leave during disciplinary proceedings over his refusal to use a student’s new name and gender-neutral pronouns. When a student at a secondary school in County Westmeath said they wanted to transition, Enoch Burke, who teaches German, history, politics and debate, reportedly refused to use their name and pronouns, saying it went against his Christian beliefs. When Burke kept showing up at work anyway, police were called and Burke arrested. Read more about the arrest here.


Archeologists Dig up Ivory Referenced In 1 Kings And Amos

Archaeologists have found evidence of a luxury item mentioned in the Bible: tiny ivory panels that would have been embedded on wooden furniture of the high and mighty during the First Temple period in ancient Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced on Monday. The panels were likely used on a reclining couch, the archaeologists suggest. The ivory panels were found in the archaeological site formerly known as the Givati parking lot, next to the Old City of Jerusalem,  in a monumental building that had apparently been destroyed during the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in the year 586 B.C.E. Read more about the discovery here. 

News Of the Day – September 6th

Kansas Teacher Receives $95,000 Payout After Refusing To Use Transgender Pronouns

A Kansas school district has agreed to pay $95,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a former teacher who refused to use a student’s preferred name and pronouns. Pamela Ricard, a former math teacher at Fort Riley Middle School, sued the district in March, alleging she was reprimanded and suspended for three days in April 2021 for addressing a student by their “legal and enrolled last name” instead of their preferred one. Alliance Defending Freedom represented Ricard. Attorneys for Ricard called the settlement with Geary County Schools “a victory for free speech at public schools.” Read more about the lawsuit here.


Former Prison Chaplain Sentenced For Sexually Abusing Inmate

A  former prison chaplain with the Federal Bureau of Prisons was sentenced to seven years in prison for repeatedly sexually abusing a female inmate and then denying the abuse when questioned by federal agents. 50-year-old James Theodore Highhouse, also received a consecutive sentence of five years of supervised release following the completion of his prison sentence. Highhouse was a chaplain at a federal prison for female inmates. In his role, he provided spiritual counseling and oversaw worship services and religious study. In May of 2018, Highhouse began abusing a female inmate. The abuse lasted until February 2019. Read more about the charges here.


Christian Prayer And Meditation App Celebrating Reaching 100 Million Prayer Mark

Christian prayer and meditation app Hallow has just celebrated the milestone achievement of facilitating over 100 million prayers. Hallow, created by 29-year-old Alex Jones, has been downloaded over 3.75 million times from users in around 150 countries since it launched in 2018. The app also has prayers, meditations and reflections from prominent Christian celebrities like actor Mark Wahlberg, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre and Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz. Hallow is an app that gives the tools for people to slow down and put God in their daily lives, and learn what real prayer is, being in the presence of God, listening and talking with Him. Read more about the app here.

83 year Old Kidnapped Nun Released After 5 Months In Captivity

Sister Suellen Tennyson, a missionary nun from Louisianna, of the Marianites of Holy Cross, was abducted by armed radicals in the west African country Burkina Faso on April 4. According to the BBC, Tennyson was taken from a local parish in the middle of the night, leaving behind her glasses, shoes and blood pressure medication. Nearly five months later, Tennyson has been released. t is unclear what group may have abducted the nun, but several militant groups allied to al-Qaeda and Islamic State operate in the region. “We are grateful to God for the safety of Sr Suellen,” Archbishop Gregory Aymond said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. Read more about the kidnapping and release here.








News Of The Day – August 23rd

Calvary Chapel Pastor Accused Of Running Persecution Themed Boot Camp

Calvary Chapel pastor Chet Lowe is being accused of running a Christian boot camp in California where adult students were subjected to “simulated torture.” The students said the boot camp, Patmos: Reality Discipleship, pushed them beyond their breaking point. Students went on to say Patmos used firing squads and middle-of-the-night chases by “Muslims” to make them rely on God, leaving some traumatized and some questioning their faith. One said she left the camp in a wheelchair. Another said he was forced to survive alone outside in the snowy mountains for four days with only communion crackers and grape juice. Read more about the boot camp here.


Texas Law Requires Public Schools To Display “In God We Trust” Signs 

A new Texas law requires schools to hang posters of the national motto, “In God We Trust,” in every building on their campuses, as long as the posters are donated. The bill, SB 797, was passed last year by the Texas legislature and states that campuses must display “a durable poster or framed copy of the United States national motto” in a “conspicuous place in each building of the school or institution.” It also requires that each poster have an American flag “centered under the motto” as well as the state flag of Texas. Read more about the law here.


Hundreds Of Churches Lost In Ukraine War

About 400 of Ukraine’s 2,300 Baptist churches have been lost during the war with Russia, according to Yaroslav Pyzh, president of the Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary. Pyzh also said that as Western attention has been less focused on Ukraine, “donations are dropping down big time, not like we had two or three months ago. People are just tired of the war, but I see a tremendous decrease in donations.” Ukraine had the largest Baptist population in continental Europe before the war, with over 100,000 believers. Pyzh is focused on rebuilding, with Nehemiah as his guide. Read more about the losses here.


Micro Preemie With 50% Survival Rate Finally Goes Home

A baby girl born four months premature was finally cleared to go home last week after spending more than 500 days in the hospital. Tyler Robinson was forced to deliver her daughter Autumn after she suffered a uterine rupture at the end of 2021. Autumn was just 23 weeks old and weighed 1.1 pounds at the time of her birth. The preemie faced severe health complications, including an inconsistent heart rate and underdeveloped lungs, which caused a chronic lung disease known as bronchopulmonary dysplasia. Last week, Robinson was finally able to take her daughter home after spending 524 days in the hospital. Read more about this little miracle here.

News Of The Day – August 18th

Pastor Curses Out Congregation For Not buying Him A Luxury Watch

A Missouri pastor berated his ‘poor’ congregation for not honoring him with a new expensive watch he asked for a year ago while reportedly delivering a sermon about taking care of God’s shepherd. Pastor Carlton Funderburke called his congregation “poor, broke, busted, and disgusted” after they still hadn’t bought him an expensive Movado watch, which ranges in price from $395 to $3,295. ‘”‘I’m not worth your McDonald’s money? I’m not worth your Red Lobster money?”, he asked the Church at the Well congregation. Funderburke has since apologized. Read about his tantrum here. 


Church’s Food Pantry Destroyed By Firebombing

A church food pantry storing non-perishable items for a ministry serving the poor has been firebombed in what the pastor describes as an act of “pure evil.” Pastor Curtiss Ostosh of the Detroit-area Harvest Time Christian Church in Warren, Michigan, announced that someone “firebombed” or “set on fire” the church’s food storage container holding “countless tons” of food distributed daily to those in need. He added that the firebombing caused thousands of dollars in damage and resulted in a “total loss.”  Harvest Time Christian Church will continue serving the community despite the firebombing, Ostosh said, thanks to “a number of other partner pantries in our area that have stepped up.” Read more about the firebombing here.


Pastor John Gray Returns to Pulpit After Hospitalization

South Carolina megachurch Pastor John Gray returned to the pulpit Sunday after he was hospitalized for a pulmonary embolism last month, thanking God for keeping him from a death that had been “scheduled in Hell.” Gray suffered a rare and very severe saddle pulmonary embolism, a term used to describe when a blood clot gets lodged at the intersection where the main pulmonary artery branches into the lungs. After pray from his his congregatio, Gray was released from the hospital after over a week. This past Sunday, as the pastor took to the stage at his church to preach a sermon for the first time since his sick leave. Read more about his return here.


Archeologists Uncover Mosaic With Inscription To Peter

Archaeologists have uncovered a 1,500-year-old mosaic with an inscription to the apostle Peter. They believe the discovery is further evidence that the site at El-Araj in Israel is the location of the house of Peter and the town of Bethsaida recorded in the Bible. The large Greek inscription was found during excavations at a Byzantine-era basilica known as the “Church of the Apostles” because it is traditionally believed to have been built over the house of the Apostles Peter and Andrew. The mosaic was found within a larger mosaic on the floor of the church’s sacristy and is partly decorated with floral patterns. Read more about the discovery here.