News Of The Day – January 4th

Online Hymnal Sites Have become Popular Due To Covid-19

Singing the old bible hymns is an important part of the church service. But now due to the closing of places of worship, and the banning of singing, Christian’s have found a new way to hear their favorite hymns. Hymnary.org, an online hymn and worship music database, says users of the online database has doubled nearing 40 million page views for 2020, its highest ever. Read more about the website here.


Thousand Take To The Streets In Argentina To Celebrate Abortion

In a sad display of celebration for killing the unborn, thousands to took to the streets in Argentina. Previously, abortion was legal only in cases of rape or if the mother’s health was in danger. But now a new law legalizes abortion through the 14th week of pregnancy. After the vote, President Fernández tweeted: “Today, we’re a better society, which widens women’s rights and guarantees public health.” Read more about the decision here.


Billy Graham Book Gets A Reprinting

In his 1981 book, Till Armageddon, Billy Graham examined the issue of suffering. Now in a year filled with its own suffering, loss, and tragedy, the late evangelist’s publishers thought this would be an especially appropriate time to reprint it, but with a new title, Who’s In Charge Of A World That Suffers? Graham’s son, Franklin is quoted as saying, “This book, I think, is just tailor-made for the problems that we are facing today.” Read more about the book and where you can get it here.


Teacher Laid Off After Twenty years Gets Winning Lottery Ticket

Joe Camp was a preschool teacher for 20 years in North Carolina before losing his job. Then a month later, his father died. Every Thursday, Camp buys two scratch off lottery tickets and this time his luck paid off. Camp was a winner of a 250,000 dollar jackpot. He took the lump sum payout of $176,876 after paying state and federal taxes. He plans to buy a new home for him and his daughter, as well as save for her education. Read more about his big win here.

May 23rd – Matthew 9:9

Matthew 9:9

One day as Levi was at His tax booth in the city, a man came up to him and said, “Follow Me!” Without a second thought Levi got up, walked out, and immediately began following the man. In a single moment, Levi chose to leave everything behind. He gave up his wealth, influence, and comfort without looking back. That was the best decision Levi ever made. For that man was Jesus. And following the Lord gave to Levi a wealth many times greater than what he left behind. Jesus wants us to experience such spiritual wealth. So answer His call. Step out in faith, follow the Lord, and receive His immeasurable blessings. When Levi entered the service of the Lord, His life was changed forever. No longer was he known as the despised tax collector hated by his brothers. Instead Jesus gave him the new name of Matthew, meaning gift of God, and he became a mighty disciple of the Lord. And one day as we stand before Him in heaven, Jesus will welcome us in joy and love, declare us innocent, and give us a new name!