News Of The Day – October 30th


Trump Becomes First President Since Eisenhower To Change Faiths While In Office

While many people in the country identify themselves as Christians, more are becoming nondenominational. Now president Trump can be added to that list. Once considered a Presbyterian, Trump says that meeting many amazing spiritual leaders as president, has opened his mind to other church denominations. Read more about his faith decision here.

Three Dead As Woman Beheaded In Knife Attack In France

Two women and one man were killed in in a brutal knife attack in the French city of Nice. At the Basilica of Notre-Dame where the victims were getting ready to attend mass, the suspect  burst in and carried out the murders. This is the second suspected Islamist extremists attack on French soil in less than two weeks. Read more about the gruesome assault here.


Social Media CEO’s Brought In To Testify Before Congress

During a virtual hearing held on Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz, among others expressed concern about the ability of Facebook, Google, and Twitter to influence elections. Calling out their anti conservative bias, Cruz calls these social media entities the greatest threat to free speech in America. Read about this hearing here.


Teacher Giving Zoom Class Saves Grandparent

When first-grade teacher Julia Koch got a call about a computer glitch from Cynthia Phillips whose granddaughter was in her class, she knew there was a more serious issue. While communicating, Koch noticed Phillips was slurring and  mixing up her words. After recognizing the symptoms of a stroke, the teacher leapt into action, alerting authorities who called 911. Read more about this hero here.



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