News Of The Day – December 16th


Mohler endorses Covid-19 Vaccines

How do you feel about taking the Covid-19 vaccine? Are you eager or afraid? President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, Albert Mohler, says he’ll be the first in line when the covid-19 vaccine is available in his area. On his website, Mohler lists seven moral principles for Christians to consider when studying the usage of vaccines, including doing it for the good of society. Read more of his reasoning here.


Anti Trafficking Ministry Wins Victory

In an age when pornography is readily available, even to minors, the anti-trafficking ministry, Exodus Cry, is celebrating significant progress in its fight to take down the world’s largest porn site, Pornhub. Videos of assault involving underage girls, rape, and other exploitative content continue to be posted and reposted on the user-generated porn site, and the ministry was able to get the site to remove a majority of these heinous videos. Read more about their efforts here.


Beth Moore Caught Up In Trump Controversy

Popular evangelical Bible teacher Beth Moore is drawing both flak and praise after delivering a stern warning to Christians against Trumpism, which she called “astonishingly seductive & dangerous.” The “Living Proof” evangelist took to Twitter Sunday to write that she had never seen anything in the United states more dangerous. The tweets were met with some criticism, with one user writing, “Lots of empty words in this thread. Sorry Beth but Trump has been the most pro-Christian president in history.” Read more about her tweets here.



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