News Of The Day – January 29th

Immigrant Woman Living In Church To Return Home

When President Trump launched efforts to find and to deport undocumented immigrants, more than 40 people fled to churches for sanctuary. But now following President Biden’s 100-day hold on certain deportations, many are now hoping for a reprieve. Francesca Lino, an illegal alien who lived above a Chicago church for more than three years to avoid being deported, returned to her family’s Chicago home last weekend due to the hold. Read more about Lino and others who sought sanctuary here.


Biden Overturns Pro-life Rule Allowing U.S. Funding For Abortions In Other Countries

In a sad decision that is bound to thrill Satan, President Biden is preparing to reverse a Trump administration policy that prohibits U.S. funding for nongovernmental groups that provide or refer patients for abortions.  The Mexico City Policy previously banned U.S. funds from going to for abortion and prohibited such organizations from lobbying for more liberal abortion policies in other countries. Read more about this heartbreaking policy reversal here.


Professor Suspended From Facebook For Disagreeing With Biden Policy

In yet another example of the censoring of conservative voices, Facebook suspended a Christian university professor after he voiced his disagreement over President Biden’s executive order. This order would permit trans-identifying individuals to serve in the military. Gagnon’s post suggested that the order would endanger women, and that those who promote transgenderism may be allowing males to invade women’s athletics and shelters. Facebook labeled the post an “incitement” to violence. Read more about the suspension


Officers Chop Wood For Elderly Woman Burning Furniture For Heat

When Canadian officers responded to a residence in a small community near the U.S. border to assist paramedics on a medical call, they found a heartbreaking scene. An elderly woman was in the process of breaking up household furniture to burn in the home’s wood stove for heat. The officer immediately rounded up the troops, who travelled into the backcountry to chop wood, which they sorted, split, delivered and stacked. Read more about this act of kindness here.

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